The importance of software automation to help scale your car subscription business

Scaling your car subscription service requires efficient processes. Loopit explains how software automation can help you achieve this by providing your business with a single source of truth whilst streamlining crucial tasks.

George Skentzos

Head of Customer Experience

Published on 

March 22, 2022


Last updated on 

March 22, 2022

Key Takeaways

Scaling a car subscription service is contingent on efficient processes such as modifying subscriptions, invoicing, collecting recurring payments and revenue management. If you’re relying on several separate software modules with questionable levels of integration to run your car subscription service, chances are you are spending a lot of manual effort and time trying to perform operational and administrative tasks.

These tasks, though important, are simple to manage with a robust automation software like Loopit. By incorporating automated processes into the management of your car subscription service, your business can save time from streamlining these tasks and instead focus on building your customer relationships. 

1. Providing a single source of truth for data 

A purpose-built car subscription management and billing platform allows your business to operate without the complexity and inefficiencies of attempting to implement several separate software platforms in an ad hoc manner to manage your subscription offering. This in turn offers a robust, single source of truth that allows you to scale your business at speed. 

2. Don’t lose revenue to operational complexity

In the context of car subscription where subscribers may upgrade, downgrade, pause, extend or cancel their plan, handling invoices and recognising future revenue becomes all the more complex. With built-in reporting and forecasting features, automated platforms allow you to modify subscription plans in real-time without having to wait until the end of the billing period. All without compromising any compliance, operational, and billing metrics. This is also beneficial for your subscribers as they are able to gain transparency in any changes without having the need to follow up with your team.

Software automation can also be helpful in building a streamlined billing logic that can generate a presentable invoice that clearly outlines a breakdown of the subscription costs  - including security deposits, usage levels, toll charges, tax-specific information and one time charges such as cleaning fees.

3. Proactive communication with customers 

One of the main challenges in running a subscription based service is being able to timely notify customers of any missed payments or whether their subscription is coming to an end. By implementing a platform that automates your dunning functionality, your business can easily send reminders about important billing notices and ultimately avoid the risk of customer churn and leaking revenue. Automated email triggers can also be useful for reminding subscribers to sign their latest agreement, all without you having to manually reach out to them.

4. Automated payment management and recovery

When it comes to collecting recurring payments from your customers, it is important to avoid missing any payments. Implementing automated software will streamline this process; enabling you to reduce time, effort and potential manual errors with collecting recurring payments. In the occurrence of your subscribers failing to make their payments, automation can also recover any missed payments by quickly processing automated retries on subsequent days.  A robust platform like Loopit will take it a step further and  automatically send reminder emails to customers of any failed payments and allow them to quickly pay via the email - all without involving your team. 

5. Customer self-service automation  

There are tasks within the management of car subscription that can be completed by your customers. Enabling customers to self-serve particular tasks will save your team the time and effort that could be otherwise spent on other important tasks such as converting more subscriptions. With an automation tool, you can provide customers the ability to self-manage payments by allowing them to update their payment methods securely online and pay invoices on their own. 

Interested in finding more about how Loopit can help power your car subscription service? Learn more about our platform features or get in touch with our team to request a live demo: 

About the author
George is the Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Loopit. Having originally started his career as a motoring journalist and founding team member for one of Australia's top automotive startups, George has a strong passion for automotive, business and growth marketing.
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