Navigating the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) with Car Subscription

Learn how car subscriptions align with NVES standards, benefit OEMs and dealers, and address consumer EV hesitancy. Download our whitepaper for essential insights.


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New Vehicle Efficiency Standard

Achieving NVES Compliance Through Car Subscriptions

By importing EVs specifically for subscription fleets, OEMs can align operational tactics directly with legislative NVES demands without the immediate pressure of vehicle sales.

What is the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard?

The New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) is a set of regulations established to reduce vehicular emissions and promote cleaner transportation in Australia.

These standards are designed to limit the amount of pollutants that vehicles can emit, including carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter (PM). The goal is to mitigate the environmental impact of transportation, improve air quality, and combat climate change.

For automakers, NVES presents both challenges and opportunities. Compliance requires investment in advanced technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid systems, and efficient combustion engines. However, it also opens doors for innovation and leadership in the growing market for eco-friendly vehicles.

Under NVES, manufacturers must meet specific emission targets for their fleets. Non-compliance can result in penalties, while exceeding standards can earn credits. These credits can be traded, providing financial incentives for companies that lead in emission reductions.

Embracing NVES not only ensures regulatory compliance but also aligns automakers with the global shift towards sustainability. By adopting these standards, companies can enhance their brand reputation, meet consumer demand for greener options, and contribute to a healthier planet.

What you'll find in the report

What is the NVES?

Discover the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) and its impact on automotive industry compliance and sustainability goals.

How it will impact your franchise dealer network

Understand the transformative effects of car subscriptions on dealer operations, revenue streams, and inventory management.

How car subscription aligns with NVES goals

Explore how car subscriptions help OEMs meet NVES targets through flexible, EV-focused fleet management and strategic emissions control.

How to implement a car subscription model for NVES compliance

Discover the steps to successfully launch a car subscription program, ensuring alignment with NVES standards and enhancing fleet management.

How car subscription addresses consumer EV hesitancy

Learn how car subscriptions mitigate consumer concerns about EVs, offering a risk-free, commitment-free way to drive electric vehicles.

Key takeaways and next steps

Get actionable insights and next steps to leverage car subscriptions for NVES compliance and business growth.


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