Global Car Subscription & New Mobility Report

As an auto industry leader, you need an edge. A vision into the future of mobility that goes deeper than headlines and hype. The Loopit.co 2024 Car Subscription and New Mobility Report provides exactly that—a data-rich forecast of how people will drive in the coming years.


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30+ pages of unique mobility insights and analysis

What sets our report apart? It's simple. We leverage the power of the Loopit global network of car subscription and next-gen mobility providers to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

What is covered in the Loopit mobility report?

The transition to new mobility options is being accelerated.

The surprising new industry entering the subscription space

Automakers, car dealerships, leasing and rental companies have the home ground advantage, but a new market entrant with deep pockets and a lucrative end game is poised to disrupt the disruptive mindset.

The shifting mobility preferences of Gen Z

Uncover how Gen Z's unique blend of financial acumen, preference for flexible, eco-friendly transportation, and an 'online-first' approach is carving out a specialized niche in the automotive market, sparking a revolution in car ownership and mobility solutions.

The types of vehicles being driven on subscription today

Perhaps the most telling trend derived from the VSU Index is that the types of vehicles being utilised on car subscription largely reflect the most popular models on sale today.

Auto vs Tech: The battle for your car dashboard

Dive into the high-stakes battle for the control of your car's dashboard, where automotive titans and tech juggernauts clash over the future of the in-car digital experience—an arena of conflict where consumer expectations and Silicon Valley innovation challenge the traditional revenue models of the auto industry.

What next for car subscription?

Tomorrow and beyond. Loopit predictions for the future of car subscription.

The expanding influence of the Chinese auto market

Discover how Chinese automakers continue to lead the pack in the vehicle subscriptions market, highlighted by top-ranked models and the unprecedented rise of Chinese-made EVs, signalling the relentless expansion of the Chinese auto market's global influence.

The paradox of EV adoption in the fleet world

Explore the paradox of EV adoption in the fleet world, where the promise of a green future clashes with the harsh reality of plummeting residual values, a narrative showcased by the tribulations of industry pioneers Onto and Autonomy in the face of Tesla's market-shaking pricing strategies.


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