Car Subscription Savings Calculator

Help your customers understand the value of car subscription

Is car subscription really more affordable than buying or financing a car? Use the Loopit Car Subscription Savings Calculator to understand the potential savings compared to owning a car.

Car Subscription Savings Calculator

How to use this calculator

This calculator is intended to help you understand the actual cost of car ownership as an average weekly amount.

To find out how much you might be able to save with car subscription, tell us how much you would likely spend to buy a new car, how big of a loan you would need for that amount and what interest rate you would be approved for.

Loopit will then provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of the costs and out-of-pocket expenses involved with car ownership and how that might compare to subscribing to a similar car instead.

Embed the Loopit Savings Calculator

Show your customers how affordable car subscription can be with the Loopit subscription savings calculator. Easily create a landing page and embed the form to help customers better understand the true cost of car ownership and how this compares to subscribing.


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Important Information About This Calculator

This calculator is not intended to be a financial tool. The output or result of this calculator is subject to assumptions which are subject to change. The output or result of this calculator does not represent either a quote or guarantee. You should consider if this product is right for you. For the purpose of this calculator, we consider the Weekly Subscription Cost to be $119 or 1% of the Total Purchase Price, whichever is greater. Purchase Costs include Stamp Duty calculated as 3% of the Purchase Price. Interest Fees include establishment and yearly account fees of $500. Residual Car Value represents the equity remaining in the vehicle once depreciation and outstanding loan amount are considered. Ownership Costs such as registration, CTP insurance, comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance and scheduled servicing are calculated using national yearly averages for capital cities based on the Transport Affordability Index provided by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA). Vehicle Usage is indicative of the flexibility of car subscription, fees may apply if you return your vehicle before the minimum required term. Some costs such as fuel and tolls are not considered as these remain unchanged for both ownership or subscription.