Microleasing Management Platform

Turn market volatility into profitability with microleasing

Bring stability to an uncertain auto industry with microleasing. Seamlessly adapt to fluctuating market trends and consumer needs, paving the way to consistent revenue and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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Trusted globally to manage 50,000+ vehicles on subscription
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Why Microleasing?

Fostering customer loyalty while bolstering your bottom line

In today’s dynamic automotive landscape, customer preferences and market conditions keep redefining the rules of the game, demanding agility and innovation from the automotive industry. Microleasing offers you an opportunity to turn these challenges into lucrative opportunities.

Flexibility Attracts New Customers

Cater to a wide spectrum of consumers that view car ownership more as a service than a long-term commitment. Microleasing allows your business to deliver the flexibility today's customers demand, enhancing your appeal and customer acquisition.

Alleviate Profit Margin Pressures

With microleasing, vehicles in your inventory won't be collecting dust. Instead of waiting for long lease term or retail sales customers, microleasing opens up new segments of short-term users who can collectively contribute to higher turnover rates and better utilization of your inventory.

Ride the Market Waves with Efficiency

Economic conditions and market demands fluctuate, but with microleasing, these become opportunities instead of obstacles. Lower the risks tied to long-term leasing and respond proactively to shifts in the automotive market.

Attract EV-Curious Consumers

Uncertain about committing to an EV? With Loopit's microleasing, customers can experience EVs first-hand without enduring a long lease term or making a substantial up-front payment. The 'try before buying' scheme catapults your dealership into the future of automotive leasing.

Your Trusted Partner in the Global Mobility Arena

The #1 Flexible Mobility Management Platform

Recognized worldwide, Loopit powers over 50,000 vehicles across a spectrum of mobility solutions. Our award-winning technology is revolutionizing how we think about car ownership.

All-in-One Solution

Enjoy a comprehensive mobility management solution that perfectly complements your traditional automotive retail services.

Fully Customisable

Develop a unique and effective go-to-market strategy, branded specifically for your business.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from deep automotive industry knowledge, ensuring relevant and effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Scalable Platform

Whether managing a fleet of 20 or 20,000 vehicles, Loopit can enhance and streamline your operations.

Why Loopit?

Your business. Your customers. Our expertise.

At Loopit, we ensure the profitability and scalability of your flexible mobility solutions. We offer robust business metrics and reports to help you stay one step ahead.

Recurring Payments & Invoicing

Enterprise-grade subscription payment technology and recurring billing solutions

Hosted Booking & Self-Service

Allow your customers to subscribe online with a seamless hosted self-service booking process.

TruPass Risk & Fraud Protection

Robust real-time know your customer and fraud prevention solutions, exclusive to Loopit

Vehicle Catalog

Efficient fleet management at scale, with automated pricing recommendations, live vehicle data, and more

Customer Management

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with robust digital-first solutions like a consumer portal, and more

Reporting & Analytics

Ensure profitability and scalability of your car subscription service with robust business metrics and reports at your fingertips.

Big Or Small, Loopit grows with your ambitions

Loopit is the technology between car subscription and your fleet potential.