Electric Car Subscription: The Solution to Common EV Challenges

Explore how electric car subscription services are revolutionizing the automotive industry by addressing common EV challenges. This article delves into the hesitations behind driving EVs and illustrates how subscription models offer a flexible and cost-effective way for motorists to embrace the benefits of electric vehicles.

David McClatchey

National Sales Director
 @ Loopit.co

Published on 

August 8, 2023


Last updated on 

August 8, 2023

Key Takeaways

The electric vehicle (EV) market is experiencing unprecedented growth, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional fuel-powered cars. However, potential EV motorists still grapple with certain hesitations and uncertainties. As the world moves towards greener alternatives, the subscription model for EVs offers a unique and flexible way for motorists to step into the future of transportation. This article will explore the current hesitations behind driving EVs and shed light on how subscriptions can turn these barriers into opportunities, unlocking the many benefits of electric driving.

Unveiling Common Concerns: What Holds Motorists Back from Electric Vehicle Adoption?

While the demand for electric vehicles is growing, there remain substantial hesitations and misconceptions that are holding back potential drivers from making the leap into this new mode of transportation.

From concerns over cost to unfamiliarity with EV technology, these barriers need careful examination:

  • Initial Cost Concerns: The higher upfront cost of electric vehicles can deter potential buyers, but subscriptions offer a way to bypass this barrier, allowing motorists to access EVs without the large initial investment.
  • Range Anxiety: Many potential drivers fear running out of battery mid-journey. Subscription services often provide roadside assistance and support to ease this fear, fostering confidence in EV driving.
  • Lack of Familiarity with EV Technology: The unfamiliar technology behind EVs can seem daunting. Subscriptions offer a risk-free introduction to EV technology, with training and ongoing support often included.
  • Resale Value Worries: The uncertainty over the future resale value of an EV can be a barrier to purchase. With subscriptions, this concern becomes irrelevant as ownership is not required.

How Subscription Can Help Motorists Overcome EV Challenges

The advent of the electric vehicle subscription model brings a refreshing solution to the challenges and hesitations associated with traditional EV ownership. By offering flexibility, support, and access to a variety of models, subscriptions are smoothing the road for a new wave of electric vehicle enthusiasts:

  • A Test-Drive Opportunity: Subscriptions allow motorists to experience electric driving without the long-term commitment, providing an opportunity to test various models and find the perfect fit.
  • Flexible Terms and Conditions: With various subscription plans and options, drivers can find the perfect fit for their lifestyle and needs, all without the constraints of traditional ownership.
  • Inclusive Maintenance and Services: The all-in-one approach to electric vehicle care within subscriptions ensures that maintenance and services are taken care of, offering peace of mind to subscribers.
  • Access to a Variety of Models: Subscription services offer access to different EV models and brands at a subscriber's leisure, allowing for exploration and enjoyment of various electric driving experiences.
  • Education and Support: Subscriptions often come with educational resources and personalized support, enabling motorists to gain confidence in their EV driving abilities and understand their vehicle better.

New Options For Electric Vehicle Subscription Services

Electric vehicle subscription services have not only expanded the accessibility of EVs but also broadened the horizons for motorists interested in making an eco-friendly switch. This burgeoning field, once limited to traditional automotive brands, is now ripe with choices, appealing to a diverse array of consumers. Among the new offerings in the electric vehicle subscription market, energy providers are emerging as key players, transforming the way motorists perceive and experience EV subscriptions.

While car manufacturers and leasing companies continue to offer a wide variety of electric vehicle subscriptions, energy providers have stepped in to fill a unique niche. By integrating EV subscriptions with home energy plans, energy companies are creating bundled options that make the transition to electric driving more seamless. These packages align home energy consumption with the energy required for EVs, making the overall experience more unified and convenient. Energy providers offer unique benefits that augment the overall experience that include:

  • Integrated Solutions: The unique collaboration between energy providers and electric vehicle subscription platforms allows for integrated solutions that streamline the entire charging experience. By connecting home energy consumption with electric vehicle needs, these subscriptions create a fluid and seamless transition between home charging and on-the-go power. This integration simplifies the process for motorists, enabling them to manage both home energy and vehicle charging through a unified platform, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of their daily routines.
  • Potential Cost Savings: The bundling of electric vehicle subscriptions with home energy plans can lead to tangible financial advantages. By consolidating services, energy providers may offer reduced rates or special incentives, making the transition to electric driving more affordable and accessible. These cost savings extend beyond the simple reduction in fuel expenses, encompassing an overall economical approach that eases the financial concerns often associated with the shift to electric vehicles.
  • Access to Exclusive Offers & Incentives: Energy providers' involvement in electric vehicle subscription services often comes with exclusive benefits that enhance the overall appeal of their offerings. These might include specialized charging equipment, reduced rates for off-peak charging, or even loyalty rewards for ongoing subscription. Such exclusive offers and incentives not only differentiate these energy provider-backed subscriptions from traditional options but also add value to the entire experience, making the choice of electric vehicle subscription even more attractive to potential subscribers.

The Rise of New Electric Vehicle Brands in Loopit Global Subscriber Network

The electric vehicle market is constantly evolving, and Loopit's Vehicle Subscription Utilisation Index is at the forefront of tracking these changes. Serving as a comprehensive repository of insights and statistics, this index offers a detailed view into the electric vehicle subscription landscape, revealing trends and patterns that shape the industry's future.

One of the latest findings from the index is the emergence of brands like KIA and Mazda as strong contenders in the EV space. Previously overshadowed by giants like Tesla, these brands are now gaining traction in the Loopit Global Subscriber Network. The growth in popularity of KIA and Mazda highlights a shift in consumer preferences, potentially fueled by the innovative features and competitive pricing these brands offer.

For consumers, this means a broader spectrum of choices when it comes to electric vehicle subscriptions. The addition of these brands to the subscription network enriches the offerings, allowing subscribers to find vehicles that align perfectly with their needs, preferences, and budget. It also indicates a democratisation of the EV market, where an array of options caters to various segments of the population.

Looking ahead, these trends hint at a promising future for the electric vehicle subscription model. The continuous expansion and diversification within the EV market point towards a more inclusive and dynamic industry. As more brands join the fray, subscribers can anticipate even greater customization and flexibility in their electric vehicle experiences, further solidifying the car subscription model as a vital part of the automotive industry's future.

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