We have a new name!

Blinker Subscription is now Loopit

We have some exciting news — Blinker Subscription has a fresh new look as Loopit! The remarkable growth of car subscription as an alternative to traditional car ownership has exceeded even our grandest expectations, leading to exciting new opportunities for the platform both here in Australia and around the world.

The uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 has led to consumers opting for alternatives to car ownership that offer more value and flexibility. Amidst COVID-19, Loopit has seen a massive 52% increase in enquiries from dealerships wanting to integrate subscriptions into their business. Loopit is uniquely positioned to offer a world-class SaaS platform and professional services solution that caters to this demand.

The global shift toward alternative mobility solutions has seen interest in the Loopit car subscription platform increase around the world. Expanding into international markets has always been in our product roadmap, however the unprecedented demand has accelerated our global strategy, and with that came the need for a new name that we could make our own.

The idea of Loopit highlights the flexibility and recurring nature of subscription. Organisations who leverage Loopit software to offer subscriptions will have an additional income stream, with repeating weekly revenue from the subscription fees. For drivers, subscriptions mean there is no longer a need to buy a car outright, you can just Loopit instead!

Just as importantly, Loopit ties more closely to the technology behind our offering, while Blinker was specifically automotive inspired. As a business, we are looking to expand beyond cars, to be the primary solution for subscription mobility more widely. This will see Loopit acting as a subscription platform for boats, caravans and more.  

Loopit is a leading cloud-based end-to-end software solution that allows dealerships, resellers, and manufacturers to offer subscription-as-a-service to its customers. The Loopit platform provides companies with "subscription in a box," including the software, training and services needed to offer subscription to customers simply and easily. With Loopit integrated onto their websites, partners simply need to select cars and other products from their stock to make available for subscription. Customers can then browse through the website, choose the product they want and subscribe online.  

You can stay up to date with Loopit news on our website Loopit.co.