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Seize new opportunities by monetising your idle machinery and equipment on a subscription basis by the hour, by the month or anything in between.

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Helping automotive companies drive recurring revenue with car subscription

Blinker Subscription is now Loopit! Read more here.

Car subscription is the flexible alternative to traditional vehicle ownership. Subscribe by the month and introduce a new recurring revenue stream into your business.

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A new recurring revenue source

Introduce a new recurring revenue channel to your business

Loopit offers flexible and sophisticated billing solutions to introduce a new recurring revenue channel to your business. Utilise your idle assets such as excavators, dump trucks, loaders, forklifts and more with customisable hire options for your customers.

Build a recurring revenue stream

Define your own plans and pricing

Customise Loopit to suit your needs

Expert Risk Management

Real-time customer risk assessment

Loopit are the experts in risk management and mitigation to ensure your customers are thoroughly vetted and suitable for your business - all automatically and in real-time.

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Credit assessment and identity verification in real-time

Live fleet GPS monitoring and tracking

Customise your account to manage your acceptable level of risk

Automatic payment recovery features

"As a business, we aim to be at the cusp of industry innovations and our partnership with Blinker is just another example of this. The car market is currently experiencing a disruptive period, we see car subscription as an opportunity to innovate and cater to shifting consumer demands, helping the industry to thrive into the future."

Netflix-style subscription service to lure Millennial car drivers

A Netflix-style subscription service that allows Millennial car buyers to obtain a new set of wheels for just 30 days before handing the vehicle back for a different one is being trumpeted as a potential salvation for car dealers facing tough times.

"Our dealers have seen a growing organic demand for subscription services over the last 12 months, and with Blinker we’ve been able to structure the offering exactly to suit our customers’ needs. The out-of-the-box software has made it simple for even our large dealerships to get the subscription program up and running, so we can provide local drivers with a totally unique, tailored offering."

Big Or Small, Loopit grows with your ambitions

Loopit is the technology between car subscription and your fleet potential.