Loopit Product Features

Scale your car subscription service with systems, not people

Loopit is the fastest and easiest way to launch a car subscription service with robust platform features designed to help you grow your business efficiently.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

Manage recurring payments and billing with seamless automation

Automated Invoice Generation

Automated recurring invoicing and billing for the mobility sector

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Automated Payment Recovery

Get paid on time and avoid chasing lost revenue

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Automated Usage Billing

Boost your revenue with automated usage-based billing and payments

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Charge One-Time Transactions

Charge one-time transactions and ad hoc fees

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Charge Recurring Subscription Payments

Automated recurring payments at scale for the new mobility industry

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Charge Security Deposits

Charge security deposits online based on your customer profile and chosen vehicle.

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Customisable Subscription Plans

Customise every aspect of your car subscription service

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Discounts and Coupon Codes

Drive revenue and track campaign success with configurable discount codes

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Flexible Billing Cycles

Flexible weekly, fortnightly and monthly billing cycles for your subscribers

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Process Subscription Refunds

Manage your payments and refunds all in one place

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Customer Management

Empowering you to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Customer Self-Service Features

Customer facing self-service features to reduce your admin time

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Automated Email Triggers

Keep subscribers in the loop with automatic email notifications

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Custom Eligibility Criteria

Define your own market segment with configurable eligibility criteria

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Car Subscription Management Software

End-to-end car subscription management from Loopit

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Integrated Point-of-Sale Solutions

Loopit provides integrated point-of-sale solutions in just a few clicks

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White Label Car Subscription Solution

Make your car subscription program uniquely yours

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Generate Agreements with Digital Signature

End-to-end automation with digital agreements and electronic signature

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Integrated Identity Verification

Frictionless onboarding with integrated identity verification in real time

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Integrated Credit Checks

Know your customers with real time credit checks

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Online Subscription Booking

Onboard new subscribers seamlessly with our omnichannel online booking process

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Fleet Inventory Management

Uncomplicated fleet management

Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Subscription fleet management at scale

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Subscription Vehicle Pricing Algorithm

Industry leading pricing intelligence for your car subscription service

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Integrated Vehicle Telematics

Maximum fleet protection and intelligence with 24/7 integrated telematics

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Toll Charge Management

Manage toll usage and payments for your fleet at scale

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Digital Claims Management

Seamless digital claims management for you and your customers

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Car Subscription Fleet Insurance

Car subscription fleet insurance built-in

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Big Or Small, Loopit grows with your ambitions

Loopit is the technology between car subscription and your fleet potential.