New sign up flow changes to offer greater onboarding flexibility

February 17, 2022

With our new updates to the Loopit sign up flow, your business will be able to gain more control in your onboarding process.

Determine your own minimum age eligibility

Previously, Loopit had set the minimum age eligibility at 21 years old. Now, you can adjust the minimum age eligibility on sign up flow based on your business’s eligibility criteria. You can find this setting under 'Damage Cover Excess' tab in the Settings menu.

Option to turn additional drivers offering on and off

You can now enable additional drivers to be turned on/off as a product offering via an Account setting. This may be handy if you are subscribing smaller vehicles such motorbikes or scooters where additional drivers may not be sought after by your subscriber.

As always, if you have any feedback we would love to hear it - either to or via the Feedback tool on the platform.

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