Introducing scheduled subscription changes and vehicle swaps

August 28, 2023

As Loopit continually strives to offer pioneering solutions in the car subscription space, we are thrilled to present our newest feature enhancement: Scheduled Subscription Changes and Vehicle Swaps. This release aims to provide our users with unprecedented flexibility in subscription management while ensuring an enhanced and streamlined experience for their subscribers.

Scheduled Subscription Changes

Our latest feature allows a broader spectrum of subscription edits. As per usual, customers can  seamlessly alter their subscription plans. However, it's important to note that a plan change will introduce a new minimum term. If users switch before completing the original term, the longer of the two terms will apply. Subsequently, a new agreement will be auto-generated post any change. In addition to plan adjustments, users can also incorporate additional kilometre booster packs and bring in extra eligible drivers into their subscription.

The introduction of a defined effective date is another significant enhancement. When you choose to edit your customer's subscription, you will now be prompted to select an exact date for these updates to take effect. This date, by default, aligns with the next billing cycle.

As this scheduled date approaches, Loopit will either auto-generate a pro-rated invoice or a credit memo. This is to ensure that any price differential for the remainder of the billing term is adequately balanced. With the onset of the succeeding billing cycle, the regular invoice will automatically update to mirror all these recent changes.

Scheduled Vehicle Swaps

Alongside subscription changes, Loopit now facilitates the scheduling of vehicle swaps. Aligning perfectly with the Edit Subscription feature, the default start date for these swaps is set as the upcoming billing cycle.

For scenarios where only the vehicle undergoes a swap for maintenance purpose without any billing alterations, Loopit introduces the "Keep Current Fees" option during vehicle selection. This ensures that the billing remains consistent and no supplementary invoice is produced.

On the designated day of the vehicle swap, Loopit will perform the following tasks:

  • perform the vehicle swap to the selected model
  • modify the vehicle timeline to depict this change
  • if required, roll out a pro-rated invoice or credit memo for the remaining duration of the billing period

The vehicle timeline has also been updated to ensure users can keep track of scheduled vehicle swaps and their current status. Furthermore, updates on the Dashboard, specifically in the “Cars Going Out” and “Cars Coming Back” sections, allow for a clear distinction between vehicles identified for swaps and those intended for new or returning customers.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know at or via the Feedback tool on the platform!

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