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Knowing your customer is at our core

Robust KYC and fraud compliance is paramount to any successful new mobility offering such as car subscription, but poorly implemented solutions that require a high-level of manual intervention can quickly bottleneck administrative effort and stifle growth.

TruPass is a suite of KYC, risk management and compliance features designed to offer a seamless customer experience and provide you with the freedom to grow with confidence.

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Delivering risk and compliance management at scale

A digital-first approach to deliver robust yet scalable risk management that provides you with the freedom to grow with confidence.

Offering a seamless customer experience

TruPass is designed to be non-intrusive and intuitive, allowing you to introduce self-service compliance while delivering a seamless customer experience.

Providing you with the confidence to grow

Loopit is entirely configurable, allowing you to dial in exactly your acceptable level of risk - backed by TruPass.

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What is TruPass?

TruPass is the full product suite of KYC and fraud prevention products from Loopit that help you onboard and authenticate new subscribers digitally and in real-time.

Credit Assessment

Perform credit assessments in real time to understand the credit risk of your subscribers.

Identity Verification

Automatically verify a driver's license or passport in real-time without any document uploading.

Payment Fraud Prevention

Robust payment fraud prevention measures from industry-leading payment gateway partners.

Biometric Authentication

Prevent fraud while authenticating real users in seconds with biometric authentication

Digital Signature

Paperless customer agreements with digital signature verification.

Fraud Detection

Protocols to highlight possibly fraudulent activity during the application process.

Network Protection

Safety in numbers as part of the Loopit global network to prevent recurring fraud.

Driver History Check

UK Only

Understand a driver's risk level by performing a driver history check.

Please note, some TruPass products may not be available in your region.

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Credit Assessment

Loopit has partnered with Experian to deliver digital customer credit assessments in real time during the new customer onboarding process. Understand the exact credit position of your customers and view any reported credit events to help you make better decisions.

Identity Verification

Loopit utilises the Document Verification Services (DVS) to confirm that the information provided by the customer for their identification matches the original record. This is an entirely paperless process and does not require any document uploads or photos to be provided.

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Biometric Authentication

For times when document verification alone may not be enough, TruPass Biometric Authentication is a liveness technology that can recognise a customer's face and ensure it matches their driver's license or passport.

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Prevent identity fraud

Selfies are no longer a reliable verification method, stop even the most sophisticated identity fraud attempts.

Streamline customer onboarding

Authenticate customers in a few seconds with an intuitive, digital self-service process.

Online biometric verification

Eliminates the need for physical presence during identity verification.

Manual intervention available

Access customer liveness assessments from within Loopit as an added layer of protection.

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Backed by fraud prevention intelligence from the Loopit global network

As a global platform for mobility services, TruPass delivers unrivalled intelligence that understands subscriber usage and behaviours to continuously strengthen our anti-fraud measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TruPass?

TruPass is a suite of KYC and fraud preventions exclusive to the Loopit platform.

What does TruPass include?

The core TruPass product features include identity verification, credit assessment, biometric authentication, digital signature and more.

What are the fees for TruPass?

Many TruPass features are included with your Loopit account by default, however some may require payment as add on features. Some TruPass features such as credit checks incur a usage fee per check, so we recommend speaking with our sales team to understand the costs involved.

Can I use TruPass without Loopit?

No, TruPass is exclusive to the Loopit platform and has been designed and implemented from the ground-up as the ideal solution for streamlined KYC and risk management for mobility providers.

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