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How Loopit helped WeRide Rentals service the gig economy with a national micromobility subscription network

The gig economy experienced an unprecedented rise in delivery platforms, presenting WeRide Rentals with a newfound opportunity. To help scale their national operations, WeRide Rentals decided to partner up with Loopit as their technology partner.

Michael Higgins
Co-Founder, Managing Director

Founded in 2016, WeRide Rentals offers low-cost access to last-mile mobility products such as bikes and scooters without the need for outright purchase. With the uptake of delivery platforms like UberEats, Deliveroo, Menulog and DoorDash fuelling the growth of last mile mobility; WeRide Rentals began to double down on providing delivery riders with an all-inclusive rental solution that included insurance, service and repairs. 

The online food delivery market is expected to reach $192.16 billion in 2025, generating a high demand for bikes and scooters. This is further compounded by a transition towards clean and efficient vehicles amid COP26 summit and national target for lower carbon emissions and congestion. Ambitious to capitalise on this market growth and trend, WeRide Rentals set out to scale their operations. 

Scaling profitably with the right software  

As the food delivery market continues to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11 per cent, WeRide Rentals understands the importance of scaling operations without compromising profitability. For WeRide, success in the last-mile mobility space depend on the following: 

  • Efficient process in onboarding new drivers 
  • Cost effectiveness in fleet offering
  • Automation in accounting and payment management 
  • Seamless fleet management 

WeRide Rentals chose Loopit as their software partner to offer flexible and affordable access to scooters and bikes for consumers - with a focus on the food delivery market. Thanks to the capabilities of Loopit’s software platform, WeRide were able to improve their efficiencies by streamlining the following areas: 

  • Real-Time Customer Assessment - As a last-mile mobility provider, WeRide Rentals served drivers operating across a number of different delivery platforms. To ensure the safety of its fleet, it was important the new drivers underwent a thorough screening process to confirm their identity and suitability, together with the peace of mind offered by Loopit’s fraud detection measures. 
  • Automated Billing & Payments - With ambitious plans for growth, it was important that WeRide Rental aligned with a partner that could deliver mobility payment and management solutions at scale. With automated recurring invoicing, usage billing, payment management and automated payment recovery, Loopit allows WeRide to focus on their core business to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 
  • Account Hierarchy & Multi-Location Management - WeRide operates nationally across three locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. This meant that it was important to have oversight over all locations but still allow them to operate largely independently. Loopit’s account hierarchy feature allows exactly this by offering an overview of WeRide’s fleet, customers and subscriptions in their respective accounts. With Loopit, they are also able to move their fleet and customers between their three accounts, enabling them to operate nationally at an efficient and seamless scale.

Providing delivery drivers with a level playing field

As the food delivery industry continues to grow, the shift towards e-bikes will rise proportionately as a means of reducing emissions and congestion - providing WeRide Rentals an opportunity to further scale their business. However, WeRide Rentals remains committed to ensuring delivery drivers are provided access to bikes and scooters at an affordable price. Partnering with Loopit to offer an all-inclusive rental service that includes insurance, servicing and maintenance is only one of the many factors contributing to WeRide’s future growth. Other factors include: 

  • Marketing efforts: Reflected by investments in paid channels, WeRide targets customers with high intent. Doubling down on a niche audience allows WeRide to have a higher conversion rate which they also concentrate on with ongoing promotional campaigns. 
  • Strategically focusing on longer rental terms: As a way to maximise customer lifetime, WeRide offers deals to customers who sign up for periods longer than three months.
 “Weride provides products and services tailored to meet the needs of gig workers in the food delivery industry, and this partnership with Loopit means our customers will have more flexible and affordable access to vehicles, especially critical within current market uncertainty. Particularly for industries that require a fleet of vehicles for deliveries, micromobility is the smart answer both for environmental reasons and cost efficiencies.” - Jean-Baptiste Malandain, Founding Director at WeRide Rentals 

WeRide Rentals is poised to drive the uptake of last-mile mobility, as they continue to empower gig workers in the food delivery industry. Future uptake of e-bikes in Australia will only fuel the growth of WeRide Rentals, who thanks to their partnership with Loopit, have now set the groundwork for scaling operations. 

About the author
Michael is the co-founder and managing director at Loopit, a SaaS platform specialising in new mobility initiatives such as car subscription, rideshare and digital rental solutions. When he’s not launching new businesses, Michael enjoys motorsports, racing cars himself as well as boating.

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