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Motor EV & Green Mountain Power: Revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle Subscription Landscape

Motor's partnership with Green Mountain Power is setting new standards in electric vehicle subscriptions. Together, they simplify EV adoption, offering seamless delivery, home charger installations, and unique energy rate plans. Dive into how this collaboration benefits both consumers and the utility sector, pushing sustainable transportation to the forefront of modern mobility.

George Skentzos
Head of Customer Experience

In the rapidly changing world of automotive technology and environmental responsibility, electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining prominence. From being niche products, EVs are now central to the global push towards cleaner, more sustainable transportation.

Amidst this change, Motor EV isn't just another company but a pioneer. By teaming up with Green Mountain Power, a leading energy supplier, Motor EV showcases its ambition to change how people view and use electric vehicles. Both share a dream: to boost the number of electric vehicle users and make the switch to EVs smoother and more enjoyable.

"Try-an-EV": Simplifying the Shift to Electric Vehicles

The "Try-an-EV" program makes it easy for customers to dive into the world of electric vehicles. With this, they can:

  • Pick their preferred electric vehicle.
  • Arrange a delivery time that suits them.
  • Have a Level 2 charger set up at their home by professionals.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Green Mountain Power's specialized EV rate plans.

This is all wrapped up in one simple sign-up process and a clear monthly fee, making it more than just an electric vehicle subscription – it's a whole new experience.

Strategic Alignment: How Motor EV’s Electric Vehicle Subscription Fits with Utility Companies

Electric vehicles are changing roads and markets. In this shifting landscape, Motor EV's partnership with power suppliers, especially Green Mountain Power, is a game-changer.

  1. Shared Benefits: Motor EV and utilities both win from this partnership. Motor EV can give customers a richer experience with electric vehicle subscriptions, thanks to perks from utilities. In return, utility firms tap into a growing pool of EV users, boosting demand for their services.
  2. Meeting Modern Needs: Today's EV users want it all: a great vehicle, easy delivery, top-notch charging tools, and cost-effective power plans. By bundling all this, Motor EV and its utility partners deliver a full package.
  3. Pooling Strengths: Motor EV knows electric vehicles, while utility companies are experts in power and infrastructure. Together, they ensure that customers get the best of both worlds.

This partnership is about more than just business; it’s about creating an environment where using electric vehicles feels like the natural choice.

Growing Together: Utilities and Electric Vehicles

Pairing electric vehicle subscriptions with energy services opens new doors for power companies. By offering things like cheaper EV charging rates and free home chargers, Green Mountain Power makes a compelling case for new users. As more and more EVs plug into their system, costs can drop for everyone. Green Mountain Power's Tiana Smith sums it up well, saying, “When our customers electrify, it actually drives down costs for every customer.”

Making Electric Vehicles More Accessible: The Power of Subscriptions

One of the hurdles for many considering an EV is the idea of owning one. But Motor EV's subscription model flips that on its head. Kris Bahlke, COO at Motor EV, explains:

We’re all about helping customers get ready to own an EV, supporting them throughout, rather than trying to outdo traditional car dealers.

Adding to this, Motor EV offers expert advice on EVs, making the entire process, from choosing a car to getting a home charger installed, a breeze. They're not just offering an electric vehicle subscription; they're shaping the future of how we think about cars.

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