How AutoSub Leveraged Loopit to Break Into Adelaide's Car Subscription Market in Less Than A Week

Michael Higgins
Co-Founder, Managing Director

As new contenders enter the rapidly evolving car subscription market, standing out and swiftly capturing market share becomes critical. Loopit, the leading car subscription software, found a partner in AutoSub, a fresh player in the market based in Adelaide. This case study explores how Loopit equipped AutoSub with the necessary tools and functionality to surpass initial operational challenges and promptly fulfil market demand for the new flexible subscription model with minimal investment and effort.

Challenge: Getting on the Fast Track

Entering the car subscription industry, AutoSub recognized the hurdles that smaller, newer companies often face. The necessity for streamlined operations, the complexity of launching a new service, and the need to differentiate in a competitive landscape were chief among them. To overcome these challenges, AutoSub sought a partnership with Loopit, hoping to leverage its advanced technology platform.

In the emerging market of Adelaide, AutoSub understood the importance of speed to market, especially as one of the early entrants in the infant car subscription sector. This urgency was driven by a clear opportunity to seize existing, unserved demand for car subscription services and establish a solid foothold in the market.

Loopit was instrumental in ensuring this swift market entry. Offering a plug-and-play solution, Loopit allowed AutoSub to focus on their fleet of vehicles while Loopit set up both the back-end and front-end of the subscription service in record time. This expedited setup process meant AutoSub could launch directly to end consumers as quickly as possible, thereby capturing the initial market demand.

Solution: Powering AutoSub with Loopit

Loopit's innovative car subscription software offered AutoSub an end-to-end solution, enabling them to swiftly and effectively launch their car subscription service with minimal upfront investment.

A crucial component of Loopit's technology that enabled this speedy deployment was the Subscription Vehicle Pricing Algorithm. This innovative feature automated the pricing of subscription offerings based on the condition and type of vehicle. Continually benchmarked against competitive offerings and consumer demand, this ensured that AutoSub's pricing remained in line with market conditions while upholding their desired profitability. This level of sophistication and automation provided by Loopit not only facilitated AutoSub's rapid market entry but also secured their ongoing competitiveness in Adelaide's growing car subscription market.

Michael Higgins, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Loopit, explained,

"We partnered with AutoSub to bring a novel and efficient approach to the car subscription market. Our technology platform was designed to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and deliver a seamless user experience for our partners' customers. Through this collaboration, AutoSub was empowered to rise above the competition and establish itself as a leading player in the market."

Streamlined Operations and Digital Onboarding

One of the primary benefits of the Loopit platform for AutoSub was the significant enhancement in efficiency and scalability. The digital onboarding process, powered by Loopit, reduced customer signup friction and ensured demand was captured as seamless as possible. Simultaneously, it eradicated manual entry, minimizing processing time and costs associated with unsuitable leads, thereby enhancing AutoSub’s lead management efficiency.

Full Customizability and White-Label Functionality

Loopit's technology allowed AutoSub to customize their services fully, from subscription plan creation and pricing to the digital checkout process. Moreover, with white-label functionality, AutoSub was able to ensure its brand was at the forefront of all customer touchpoints, providing a coherent and branded user experience from start to finish.

Effective Communication and Personalized Support

Throughout the partnership, Loopit demonstrated its commitment to AutoSub's success, providing exceptional customer service and a personalised approach to problem-solving. AutoSub praised Loopit for the high level of support, which ensured a positive and collaborative partnership experience, further enhancing their satisfaction with the collaboration.

Results: Accelerated Growth and Bright Future

Thanks to Loopit's advanced technology platform, AutoSub managed to establish a strong presence in the market in record time. The partnership has also poised them for future growth. AutoSub can now not only streamline current operations but also confidently plan for expansion, armed with the tools to seize upcoming opportunities in the market.

AutoSub enthusiastically recommends Loopit to others in the car subscription market, citing the platform's user-friendly functionality and excellent customer service as standout features. AutoSub remains optimistic about the future of the car subscription industry, anticipating increased diversity in vehicle offerings and an expanding market for their service.

In conclusion, the partnership with Loopit has significantly advanced AutoSub's position in the car subscription market. By harnessing the power of Loopit's platform, AutoSub bypassed initial operational challenges, achieved streamlined operations, and gained a competitive edge. Their success story underscores Loopit's potential as a transformative partner for businesses venturing into the automotive subscription market.

About the author
Michael is the co-founder and managing director at Loopit, a SaaS platform specialising in new mobility initiatives such as car subscription, rideshare and digital rental solutions. When he’s not launching new businesses, Michael enjoys motorsports, racing cars himself as well as boating.

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