Six mobility podcasts you should be listening to

Want to learn more about the future of mobility while on the road? Here are five of our favourite mobility podcasts featuring thought leaders across the new mobility and car subscription industries, curated by the team at Loopit.

George Skentzos

Head of Customer Experience

Published on 

May 17, 2022


Last updated on 

May 26, 2022

Key Takeaways

Want to learn more about the future of mobility while on the road?

Here are six of our favourite mobility podcasts, curated by the team at Loopit.

1. Byte Size Podcast with Compass IOT

Byte Size Podcast is a series of conversations with traffic and mobility experts, that discuss innovations within transport and city planning. The show features business leaders from leading tech and automotive startups, government agencies, and more.

Founded by Emily Bobis, Compass IOT is an award-winning road intelligence company that uses connected vehicle data to improve road safety, infrastructure, and city planning.

2. Accelerated with Vitaly Golomb

A technology venture expert and tech investment banker, Vitaly dives deep into the details of  innovation including the future autonomous vehicles, sustainability and transportation - to name a few. His show features entrepreneurs and executives on tech and business topics, including CEOs and Co-founders of the world’s leading companies in the mobility space.

3. Future of Mobility with Brandon Bartneck

Brandon Bartneck is a Director at FEV, an intelligent software company that focuses on developing sustainable energy and mobility solutions. Brandon’s show takes a thorough investigation into the challenges and opportunities the mobility sector by discussing how to develop and implement safe, sustainable, and equitable means of mobility. Episodes typically feature an interview with leaders in the industry.

Topics include electric vehicles, improved internal combustion engines, assisted and automated driving, connectivity, public transportation, ridesharing, micromobility, and more.

4. The Autonocast with Kirsten Korosec, Alex Roy and Edward Niedermeyer

This podcast features three experts in the mobility space who speak about the future of transportation.

  • Kirsten is a transportation editor at Tech Crunch who shares her opinions on the future of mobility.
  • Alex is a Director at Argo AI, a US based company building software, hardware, maps, and infrastructure that powers self-driving vehicles.
  • Edward is an auto-industry analyst and the author of Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors. He was also the former editor of the blog The Truth About Cars.

Topics range from autonomous vehicles to car sharing, all with insights from many leaders in the space.

5. The Mobility Podcast with Greg Rogers, Gregory Rodriguez and Pete Gould

A podcast about mobility, technology, and people with a discussion of transportation policies and interviews with the experts that shape them.

  • Greg is part of Nuro, an American robotics company serving the autonomous vehicles delivery market
  • Gregory is a policy advisor in the incorporation of emerging transportation technologies
  • Pete has over 15 years of experience in transportation and mobility technology policy

6. Automotive Insiders with Jason Stein

Hosted by Jason Stein, the podcast covers various industry topics, trends, and projections that are impacting the future of automotive. Interviewing industry thought leaders, Jason presents how companies are thriving in the new mobility landscape.​

About the author
George is the Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Loopit. Having originally started his career as a motoring journalist and founding team member for one of Australia's top automotive startups, George has a strong passion for automotive, business and growth marketing.
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