The top 5 benefits of switching to Tesla

When it comes to electric vehicles, it is near impossible to avoid talking about Tesla. We believe that as electric vehicles become more available to the market, demand will also see an uptake. Read to find out the benefits of switching to Tesla and how car subscription can facilitate this switch! 

George Skentzos

Head of Customer Experience

Published on 

November 23, 2021


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November 30, 2021

Key Takeaways

When it comes to electric vehicles, it is near impossible to avoid talking about Tesla. Since the first Tesla Roadster was created in 2008, the company has since become synonymous with high-quality, luxury electric vehicles. 

Always pushing the envelope of modern vehicle safety and convenience, Tesla is known for offering advanced engineering features built into their vehicles. For example, Tesla’s full self-driving subscription options have changed the way people view their morning commute to work by offering innate self-driving capabilities designed to make the road a safer place for every driver. From the Tesla FSD subscription to the sleek and stylish body of the Model X, Tesla truly has a product for nearly every type of consumer.

Read to find out the benefits of switching to Tesla and how car subscription can facilitate this switch! 

Five benefits to switching to Tesla

Here are some of the top benefits to switching to a Tesla electric vehicle:

1. Tesla cars come with an impressive battery range

In most instances of city or commute driving, Tesla vehicles have no problem maintaining their battery life. Capable of being charged at home overnight, there is rarely an issue with battery range — especially when driving short distances.

But what about long drives or road trips? As a leader in battery range amongst competitor electric cars, the battery range of Tesla vehicles is incredibly impressive. With some Tesla models capable of achieving between 393-525 km on a single charge, Tesla vehicles are highly dependable on longer drives too. 

This being said, there may be slight variations in your battery range depending on the weather conditions. With external factors such as wind, road conditions, and additional friction from steep hills, it is possible to get less mileage on a single charge should you run into unfortunate weather.

2. Save money at the pump by charging from home

Are you sick and tired of spending a fortune filling up your car at the pump? With electric vehicles, charging your car at home or a fast charger is an incredibly affordable way to keep your car running. Costing an average of $15 USD (roughly 4.5 cents per mile) to fully charge a drained battery using home electricity, there has never been a cheaper option for refuelling your vehicle. 

When you need to charge your Tesla, you still won’t be breaking the bank. Costing an average of $23 USD for 500 miles, this is quite the bargain compared to the average $50 USD in gas it would take to travel the same distance.

3. The Tesla charging network is very dependable

During the early days of electric vehicles, access to charging stations was a strong deterrent in people committing to the switch. Now, with electric vehicles picking up in popularity, the expansive Tesla charging network has grown to be incredibly expansive. Covering a large majority of area, Tesla is quickly becoming the most dependable choice for access to high-quality electric chargers.

In addition to the Tesla regular chargers, they also are creating a number of supercharger ports around the world. With the ability to charge an entire car battery in less than an hour and a half, the Tesla superchargers are a game-change for the integration of electric vehicles into our modern, fast-paced society.

4. Electrical cars are eco-friendly

With many of us wanting to reduce the size of our carbon footprint, choosing to drive an electric car is a great choice. In the 2020 Tesla report, it was found that Tesla drivers helped to avoid the creation of over five million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 

This reduction in the burning of fossil fuels is something that you can feel good about as you continue to drive to your favourite locations without guilt.

Helping to burn fewer fossil fuels and create less environmental pollution, the increased use of electric vehicles will have a positive impact on the health of our planet. With new research being done to support solar power charging capabilities for Tesla vehicles, the company has shown immense dedication to finding green-energy solutions to help make driving a vehicle more sustainable.

5. Tesla vehicles are a great choice for car subscription services

Due to their popularity and flashy design, Tesla cars are often sought out by those looking to make a statement. However, coming with a premium price tag, outright buying a Tesla vehicle is not always an achievable goal for everyone.

Fortunately, car subscription services exist. Available on a pay-per-month service, anyone can gain access to the car of their dreams through a car subscription.

Perfect for anyone looking to give electric vehicles a try, our Tesla subscription options allow our subscribers to drive some of the top Tesla models for a much more affordable price. With Tesla FSD subscription options to be added to our subscription, you can experience all of the bells and whistles that Tesla has to offer through our convenient and affordable plans.

In fact, our study concluded that electric vehicles and subscription will go hand-in-hand, where future EV adopters prefer to subscribe to one rather than buy one. As ‘early adopters’ of technology, EV owners expect innovation from the ownership experience as much as the vehicle itself. Similar to those who upgrade to the latest phone every year, these drivers will be looking to upgrade to the latest model EV more frequently, and subscription allows for this. Without the need for petrol, subscribing to an EV means there’s nothing more to pay aside from the recurring subscription payment.

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