Car Subscription Fleet Insurance

Car subscription fleet insurance built-in

Damage cover for your subscription fleet is available through your Loopit account for eligible customers, or bring your own insurer.

Damage cover you can trust, built in

Loopit is aligned with leading insurance providers to offer fleet damage cover specific to the car subscription industry right out of the box for eligible clients, or bring your own insurer - it's up to you. With damage cover provided via your Loopit account, you can automate premium calculations and payments, as well as make prorated premium adjustments so you only pay for cover when you need it.

Digital and paperless for simple claims management

Loopit damage cover allows you to enjoy the benefit of:

  • Paying your insurance premium only for the period in which your fleet is actively subscribed
  • Removing the headaches of manual insurance premium adjustments and calculations each month

Only pay for cover when you need it

When it comes to managing claims, maintaining all the important documents can be a time-consuming process. Our digital claims management solution that is entirely paperless helps you speed up the entire process so you can save administration time.

Loopit damage cover allows you to enjoy the benefit of:

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to use the damage cover provided by Loopit?

No, you are welcome to utilise your own insurance product with your subscription fleet, however it does mean integrations such as digital claims management would not be available.

What is the default excess in the event of a claim?

The standard Loopit excess varies by country. It is important to speak with your Loopit sales consultant to under this as it applies to your market.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

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