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The Loopit Vehicle Subscription Utilization Index (VSU) provides detailed information about vehicle utilization for each manufacturer across the Loopit network of car subscription providers.

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Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins


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Paul Higgins



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VSU Index Car Subscription Statistics

The Loopit Vehicle Subscription Utilisation Index (VSU) is a monthly report published by Loopit which aims to highlight the opportunities present for the automotive industry within the car subscription space by providing transparency around the types of vehicles utilised on subscription through the Loopit platform today.

Please note, the data has been carefully presented so as not to disturb the collective privacy of our clients and their customers.

About the Loopit VSU Index Methodology

The VSU Index measures vehicle utilisation on subscription rather than individual vehicle volume. Due to the inherent flexible nature of car subscription, vehicle utilisation is measured by considering the cumulative number of days in which any given vehicle is utilised within an active subscription during the monthly reporting period. In this way, we equally consider utilisation for individual vehicles being utilised across multiple subscribers, as well as individual vehicles that remain with the same subscriber for longer periods.

The average subscription duration is calculated based on all subscribed vehicles, regardless of whether that subscription remains active.

Pricing segmentation may exclude some individual vehicles that fall below the pricing threshold for each category.

Vehicle Utilization Index Reports

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June 7, 2023

Tesla Showcases Significant Subscription Growth, As New Automaker Brands and Models Enter The Loopit Subscriber Network

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February 21, 2023

Electric vehicles lead car subscription growth for January

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July 10, 2023

New Electric Vehicle Brands Charge Into Car Subscription Space in the June VSU Index

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loopit?

Loopit is the world's leading software enablement platform for the car subscription industry, allowing automakers, dealerships, fleet rental providers and mobility startups to offer flexible, subscription-based car ownership alternatives to their customers.

What is the Loopit Vehicle Subscription Utilisation Index (VSU)?

The Loopit Vehicle Subscription Utilisation Index (VSU) is a monthly report providing detailed information about vehicle utilisation across the global network of Loopit car subscription providers.

The data is aggregated to protect the privacy of individual Loopit providers.

Where does the data come from?

As the leading global enablement platform for the subscription mobility industry, the VSU Index is comprised of aggregated data from across our global network of subscription providers.

Can I request a copy of the source data?

To protect the privacy of individual providers across the Loopit network, we cannot provide a copy of the source data.

How often is the report updated?

The Loopit Vehicle Subscription Utilisation Index (VSU) is updated monthly.

Can I subscribe to receive the monthly updates via email?

Yes, simply register your email via the form in the footer below to subscribe to our regular email communications.