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Electric cars are the future — and our future may be closer than we think. With more people enjoying the many safety and environmental benefits that a fully electric car can offer, electric vehicle subscriptions have started to become a more mainstream business model for car dealers and manufacturers alike.

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November 25, 2021


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November 23, 2021

George Skentzos

Head of Customer Experience

Are you looking to dip your toes into the world of electric vehicles?

Electric cars are the future — and our future may be closer than we think. With the electric car market absolutely exploding over the past decade and a half, the popularity, convenience, and affordability of electric cars have only continued to increase and improve. With more people enjoying the many safety and environmental benefits that a fully electric car can offer, electric vehicle subscriptions have started to become a more mainstream business model for car dealers and manufacturers alike.

Ever-increasing in popularity amongst consumers looking to try their hand at driving the most popular models of electric cars, electric vehicle subscriptions offer a multitude of benefits for anyone looking to make the switch to eco-friendly personal driving.

Why people love driving electric vehicles

Electric cars are some of the most popular (and often luxurious) vehicles on the market today. Offering a wide variety of benefits and available a variety of shapes and sizes, electric vehicles have started to become better integrated into our cultural zeitgeist. But what is it about electric cars that people love so much?

With the majority of us relying on our vehicles to get to work or run errands, it is not an understatement to say that modern society is reliant on the convenience of personal vehicles. Powered by burning fossil fuels, many people are interested in finding more eco-friendly options to reduce their carbon footprint. With many electric car manufacturers committed to reducing carbon emissions created from their vehicles, choosing to be more environmentally minded is a common reason why people choose electric vehicles. Some other common reasons for their increased popularity include:

  • Improved safety features — From advanced adaptive cruise control (ACC), blind-spot warning systems, lane assist, and forward-collision monitoring, electric cars offer a variety of high-quality safety features that make electric cars a great choice for a family vehicle.
  • Luxury amenities — With many electric cars coming with ergonomic and luxury designs, some of the most popular amenities include advanced AC systems, central computerised dashboards, and impressive sound cancelling capabilities to make your drive as enjoyable as possible.
  • Self-driving capabilities — As a popular service provided by Tesla (one of the largest electric car manufacturers in the world), many people choose electric cars to experience increased safety and relaxation from the full self-driving options.
  • Additional storage space — Without the need for a large motor, electric cars offer tons of storage space in the form of a front trunk. Great for carrying groceries, school bags, or luggage for your next trip, the extra storage room is definitely a contributing factor in the increased popularity of electric vehicles.

The benefits of using an electric vehicle subscription service

Unfortunately, despite their increasing popularity, electric cars continue to be high-priced vehicles that are often out of the range of affordability for many people who are interested in driving them. To combat this, electric car subscription services have begun to offer highly affordable pay-per-month subscriptions that allow consumers to enjoy electric cars for a fraction of the price.

At Loopit, we pride ourselves on offering easy-to-use car subscription software services to car manufacturers, dealers, and customers looking to get connected to the cars of their dreams. With an AGL EV subscription, you are instantly offered a variety of benefits, including:

  • Driving your dream car for a fraction of the cost — With many electric cars coming with a pretty hefty price tag, deciding to purchase an electric vehicle outright is not always the best option. With a Loopit electric car subscription, you can simply choose the dealer or manufacturer with whom you want to work and start your month-to-month payment program. Great for connecting drivers to the newest and greatest models of electric vehicles available, choosing to use an electric vehicle subscription is the most cost-effective solution available today.
  • Giving eco-friendly driving a risk-free chance — Not sure how well you are going to adapt to electric vehicle driving and charging? We have you covered. With our month-by-month contract-free electric car subscription options, you can give driving an EV a fair trial without committing to a large purchase. If you are not a fan, our subscriptions can be discontinued at any time.
  • Saving money on petrol by charging at home — With prices always on the rise, paying for petrol on a regular basis can be a significant expense. With an electric car subscription, you can reap the benefits of affordable at-home charging capabilities. With some electric car models able to fully charge their battery for as little as $23 USD, our subscription service is an affordable and eco-friendly choice!
  • Earning free car trades to explore new models — We love helping our customers drive the most recent and greatest models of electric cars. Earn free car trade-in options as you drive with your current Loopit electric vehicle subscription. 

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