Rideshare Rental Providers

Power the rideshare economy with subscription fleets

Experience the benefits of our innovative car subscription platform, designed specifically for rideshare rental providers. Optimise your operations, drive revenue growth, and enhance customer satisfaction with our all-inclusive, data-driven, and sustainable solutions.

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Trusted globally to manage 50,000+ vehicles on subscription
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Why Car Subscription?

Offer flexible car subscription solutions for rideshare drivers

Become part of the new mobility ecosystem by providing flexible fleet solutions for rideshare drivers like Splend on platforms like Uber, Lyft and DiDi.

Attracting a Larger Customer Base

With flexible car subscription solutions tailored for rideshare drivers, fleet operators can attract a larger and more diverse customer base, including those who may not have the resources or willingness to own a vehicle outright.

Embracing Sustainability

By offering electric and hybrid vehicles, fleet operators can embrace sustainability and reduce their environmental impact, while also providing a unique and attractive service to eco-conscious customers.

Higher Driver Retention Rates

By offering flexible subscription terms and all-inclusive services, fleet operators can enhance driver satisfaction and retention rates, reducing the cost of driver turnover.

Secure Revenue Stream

Rideshare drivers are highly vetted and have a steady source of income, providing fleet operators with a more secure and predictable revenue stream.

The Leaders In Car Subscription Enablement

The #1 Car Subscription Management Platform

Revolutionizing vehicle management with cutting-edge subscription services trusted by industry leaders

All-in-One Solution

Enjoy a purpose-built, seamless mobility management solution with customer experience at its core.

Fully Customisable

Develop a completely bespoke go-to-market strategy that is unique to your brand.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from deep automotive industry knowledge, ensuring relevant and effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Scalable Platform

Whether you have 20 or 20,000 vehicles in your fleet, Loopit can help power your car subscription business.

Why Loopit?

Your business. Your customers. Our expertise.

Loopit offers your business the tools, software and expertise to manage your own car subscription service in-house with ongoing training and support.

Recurring Payments & Invoicing

Enterprise-grade subscription payment technology and recurring billing solutions

Hosted Booking & Self-Service

Allow your customers to subscribe online with a seamless hosted self-service booking process.

TruPass Risk & Fraud Protection

Robust real-time know your customer and fraud prevention solutions, exclusive to Loopit

Vehicle Catalog

Efficient fleet management at scale, with automated pricing recommendations, live vehicle data, and more

Customer Management

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with robust digital-first solutions like a consumer portal, and more

Reporting & Analytics

Ensure profitability and scalability of your car subscription service with robust business metrics and reports at your fingertips.

Big Or Small, Loopit grows with your ambitions

Loopit is the technology between car subscription and your fleet potential.