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Quickly launch and scale a last mile mobility solution for scooters, ebikes and more.

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Loopit is the end-to-end solution micromobility

Loopit offers you the tools, software and expertise to manage your own last-mile mobility solution for scooters, ebikes and more. Loopit works with any vehicle type, so you can launch sooner and scale quickly.

Build a recurring revenue stream

Define your own plans and pricing

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Micromobility, simplified.

Loopit lets you focus on your customers, and we take care of the rest. Invest in growing your last-mile micromobility solution with the confidence that you're backed by the world's most advanced mobility platform provider.

Real-Time Customer Assessment

Our online customer assessment helps you make the right decisions fast, with credit checks, identity verification and fraud detection measures processed in real-time.

Automated Billing & Payments

Automated recurring invoicing, usage billing and payment management lets you operate efficiently. Loopit will automatically follow up and recover missed payments so you don't have to.

Customer Self-Service Tools

Empower your customers to adopt new mobility solutions with integrated point-of-sale options for your business, and robust self-service tools for existing customers.

Unlock the Power of Recurring Revenue

Integrate with any type of vehicle

Mobility-as-a-Service has come to mean any range of mobility options such as mopeds, ebikes, scooters and more. Loopit is designed to work with any vehicle type and provide you with the confidence to manage your fleet easily and efficiently.

Professional Services

The expertise to help you grow.

Loopit is the world's most advanced mobility software platform. We have helped grow some of the largest mobility providers in Australia, and can provide your business with the expertise, strategy and support to help you succeed.

Professional and personalised onboarding process

Dedicated integration specialist and account management

Pricing recommendations, financial tools and calculators

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

"As a business, we aim to be at the cusp of industry innovations and our partnership with Blinker is just another example of this. The car market is currently experiencing a disruptive period, we see car subscription as an opportunity to innovate and cater to shifting consumer demands, helping the industry to thrive into the future."

Netflix-style subscription service to lure Millennial car drivers

A Netflix-style subscription service that allows Millennial car buyers to obtain a new set of wheels for just 30 days before handing the vehicle back for a different one is being trumpeted as a potential salvation for car dealers facing tough times.

"Our dealers have seen a growing organic demand for subscription services over the last 12 months, and with Blinker we’ve been able to structure the offering exactly to suit our customers’ needs. The out-of-the-box software has made it simple for even our large dealerships to get the subscription program up and running, so we can provide local drivers with a totally unique, tailored offering."


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