Updated reporting and billing cycle features to improve your accounting workflow

June 8, 2022

We are excited to announce our latest round of improvements to our reporting and billing cycle features that will improve your accounting workflows.

Credits, adjustments and write offs report.

Since introducing the new credit memo feature onto the platform, we have seen many our customers benefit from being able to create a credit memo for their subscriber in place of a negative invoice. However, not having an overview of all the credit memos meant that there was a bottleneck in the accounting processes. To help you stay across all credit memos that have been created and applied from current month to date, we have built a new Credits, Adjustments and Write Offs Report. This report can be accessed via the Reporting tab.

Once exported, the report will have two separate tabs:

  1. Credit Memo Created
  2. Credit Memo Applied

Both of these tabs will have a list of all the credits created and applied; alongside with the reason specified in the comments.

Seamlessly change fortnightly billing date for your subscribers

Loopit empowers our customers to deliver a seamless customer experience. Part of this includes ensuring that they meet any customer requests to have their billing period changed. We have added more granular control for fortnightly billing that will allow you to specify the exact date when fortnightly billing can occur. To perform this, simply edit the subscription via the Actions tab on the right.

Set a preferred method of contact for your subscribers

While we have automated features to let you quickly remind your subscriber to sign their new contract or request them to update their payment details, there will be times you may need to reach out to your subscriber. To ensure you are contacting them on their preferred contact method, we now offer the ability to specify this in your customer details page.

New labels for usage charges

To ensure consistency in the way your team is inputting usage charges on both active and ended subscriptions, Loopit has created new labels. To create a usage charge, head into the respective subscription and simply create a charge under the 'Charges' tab.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know at support@loopit.co or via the Feedback tool on the platform.

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