Release notes for October 2023

October 3, 2023

We want to share some exciting updates with you. In the last few months we have added lots of improvements!

New Sign up flow

We have designed a new consumer Sign up form that is designed and optimised for conversion. Did we mention it is also mobile friendly!
Some of you have been migrated to the new form, so the below are  improvements we have released since the launch on the new form in September. For the rest of you, you will be notified of the migration in the next few days.

Recent improvements include:

  • We now support custom fonts on the new sign up form to align with you brand (contact support to find out more)
  • You can now have customisable copy on the new sign up form (contact support to find out more)
  • We have added new plan selector on our Lite sign up form
  • We have added a new desktop version of the new sign up form
  • Billing frequency is now customisable (ie you can hide everything except Monthly) - Available only on new sign up form
  • Billing Frequency is customisable at the Plan level - Available only on new sign up form
    Read more about our new sign up form here


  • No payment method required for Business to Business subscriptions if the deposit is $0 or upfront establishment fee is $0
  • New Webhooks for 'Subscription Moved, Subscription Cancelled. Updated Payloads on all Webhooks' to enable you to have even more data connected to your CRMs/emails
  • No Tax charged on Fines


  • Ability to configure branch operating hours for pickup times
  • Self service Bulk Vehicle Upload is now available in platform
  • Fixed issue where a returning vehicle a pickup date can be selected before return date
  • Fixed incorrect wording when updating billing frequency when editing subscriptions
  • Fixed  issue with marketing Policy undefined error when creating draft subscriptions
  • Contracts are now generated asynchronously to reduce amount of errors

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