Release notes for December 2023

December 15, 2023

Exciting new features

  • Blockout Dates on the Loopit sign up form: You can now block out specific dates such as public holidays on the Loopit sign up form. This means no more receiving bookings for days when your branch isn't open. Just in time for the Christmas holidays!
  • Business Signatures can be set as optional: If your Subscriber Agreement does not require a signature from your business, you can now turn this off so that you can approve customers even quicker!
  • New Vehicle Status on returning vehicles: You can now set the status of returning vehicles to "Maintenance" or "Unavailable," saving you valuable time and improving accuracy.
  • Export Vehicles as CSVs: Export your fleet as a CSV to assist with quicker auditing.
  • Bulk import vehicles in hierarchies: Organize your fleet efficiently with bulk vehicle import. If you use Loopit's group structure system, you can now bulk import vehicles into your sub-accounts from the top level account.
  • Hide certain billing periods on the sign up form: You can now hide certain billing periods (such as Weekly and Fortnightly) on the customer facing sign up flow to help align with your offerings.

Additional Improvements

  • The Loopit sign up form now supports plan version. This enables you to offer a custom plan to subscribers or help preserve legacy pricing whilst still enabling a consumer facing sign up flow.
  • Ability to show/hide the vehicle badge in the Loopit microsite and sign up flow
  • Improve address auto-fill functionality
  • Fixed issue where a customer's answers to Eligibility Questions may not always have been saved.
  • Security updates and performance improvements

Big Or Small, Loopit grows with your ambitions

Loopit is the technology between car subscription and your fleet potential.