Improved lead management features and new white-label booking form functionality

March 7, 2023

The Loopit team has listened to the requests from providers in our global network and have worked hard to implement these into our platform. We are excited to announce that our latest round of new product releases will offer you greater functionality in the management of your subscription leads and more customisable options in your subscription booking process. Read on to learn more about these new features.

Gain greater control over how you manage your subscription leads

As teams grow to support the increasing demand for car subscription services, the end-to-end management of leads become all the more important to ensure that leads are being nurtured and ultimately converted. To help teams gain an oversight of their leads, Loopit has built a new feature that enables users to assign a lead owner and delivery owner. Being able to assign a lead and vehicle delivery owner will help teams stay across all the details of the subscription, from start to finish, preventing any loss of information.

To perform this task, simply head over to the Subscriptions tab and on the right, fill in the respective Lead and Delivery Owner. Once filled, make sure you hit the Save Changes button.

Delete subscription notes with a click of a button

Should you mistakenly create a note due to a spelling error or assigning the note to the wrong subscription, you can now simply delete the note to avoid any incorrect information being displayed. Simply hit the delete button the note you would like to delete and confirm the task on the pop up lightbox.

Customise your messages to suit your company's tone

Previously, Loopit would only enable users to use our default fail/success messages for our subscriber sign up form on both Full and Lite versions, so as to streamline the process. However, many of our customers are growing in the car subscription market, and as such, are beginning to evolve their branding and messaging to their customers. Loopit understands the importance of crafting the appropriate tone and have accordingly developed new custom features to allow teams to configure the copy on both sign up fail and success messages.

To change from the default Loopit templated message to your own custom message, simply head over to the Settings tab and click into Subscriber Sign Up Widget.

Here, you'll be able to input any copy you find fit in the designated free-text boxes. Once completed, remember to hit the Save Settings button.

More webhooks to streamline your overall car subscription management workflow

Loopit has and will always aim to be the most cohesive car subscription software. A core part of this value proposition is our webhooks that are designed so you can streamline your car subscription management by receiving notifications from Loopit when a particular event occurs. We have made some exciting additions to our current suite of existing webhooks including: 

  • Subscription Pending
  • Subscription Vehicle Swapped
  • Subscription Vehicle Swapped Cancelled
  • Subscription Expected Return Date Set

With these new webhooks, your team can now stay on top of all the details, big or small, and expedite your vehicle management processes.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know at or via the Feedback tool on the platform.

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