New reporting functionality for complete customer oversight

May 12, 2022

Our latest round of product features will help streamline your auditing processes by giving you an oversight of your customers and the ability to make quick adjustments on credit memos.

Customer autopay report

Gaining an oversight of your customers and subscriptions plays a pivotal role in managing a car subscription service.

Loopit now provides you a report that displays an entire list of all customers with subscriptions (both active and ended) and their autopay status. The benefits of this report is twofold:

  • View customers with available credit respective adjustments can be made if needed
  • Easily conduct an audit of customers who should or should not be on autopay

Reducing amount on credit memos

If your business needs to adjust a credit memo downwards (ie. decrease remaining credit balance), Loopit now allows you to do so with ease.

This may be helpful in the situation where team members may double-up on applying credit or applied the wrong amount.

Reducing the amount on a credit memo can be performed at the Customer level. To adjust the amount, click into the credit memo that is under 'Partial' status and enter the amount to adjust. You will also be required to leave a comment before confirming the change so that an automated note is generated to keep your team across onthe adjustment made.

New API tags to display vehicle webhooks

API Tags are a way to send custom data through your vehicle webhooks. These can be used by your development team to implement a number of different integrations such as to display these tags as feature or campaign promotion labels that appear on your vehicle browse page.

Note that this is a more technical feature for advanced Loopit users who are using Webflow as their website builder.

To create an API tag, head to the bottom of the Vehicles tab and create the label for your tag. Once you hit enter, this tag will be saved automatically and can be applied on other vehicles where necessary.

Automated notes for when moving customers between account hierarchies

In the situation where a customer is moved between account hierarchies, Loopit will generate an automated note to help keep your team across of the change.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know at or via the Feedback tool on the platform.

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