New notes and filter functionality for improved subscription management experience

March 30, 2022

Filter subscriptions by agreement status

Loopit understands that forgetting to sign an agreement is a common pitfall in subscription management. We also have realised prior to this update, there was no quick way to view all unsigned agreements so you can send an automated email trigger to remind your customer to sign their agreement.

With this update, you can now filter your subscriptions to view based on agreement status: 

  • signed
  • unsigned
  • partially signed

Loopit also offers the ability to add a second filter for subscription status, should you need to only view unsigned agreements for a group of customers in a particular status.

Delete usage charges

Applying the correct usage charge to the correct customer is imperative when managing your subscriptions. However, we understand mistakes can be made. To resolve this, we are now enabling you to delete any incorrect usage charges with a click of a button.

Simply head over to Usage Charges and delete the appropriate charge. Note: charges must be in "Pending" status for you to be able to delete the charge.

Automated notes for security deposit actions

Our audit logs are key to staying across of all the details of your subscriptions. To help your accounting team's auditing processes, we have rolled out notes for whenever security deposits are refunded, claimed or applied to an invoice.

These notes will appear automatically whenever a security deposit is actioned.

Write off a partially paid invoice

With our latest update, you can now write off any invoices that have been partially paid. This is useful in two particular scenarios: 

  • when you have arrears that are outstanding beyond a certain date and want to write off the invoice
  • when you may have overcharged a customer whose subscription has already ended but has paid part of their invoice

Notes for Autopay changes

When it comes to arrears management, Loopit sends automated email triggers to remind customers of their overdue invoices whilst also processing automated retries on subsequent days for any failed payments.

However, in the instance that your team prefers to manually manage the customer; turning off autopay can help with this process.

To ensure your team is across the dates of when this action is taken, we have now automated notes that will appear in your customer timeline.

These notes will appear in the "Customers" tab.

Instantly generate an invoice after a subscription has ended

To help you minimise your arrears, Loopit now instantly generates an invoice once you end a subscription and submit all vehicle return charges, including wear and tear or breach of notice costs. This invoice will appear automatically under the subscription invoices and will include a breakdown of all the incurred costs.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know at or via the Feedback tool on the platform.

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