New agreement and invoice functionalities to help improve your workflow

February 18, 2022

At Loopit, we understand that scaling a car subscription program requires efficient processes across all areas of your business. As such, we are excited to announce that we have launched new agreement, document and invoice functionalities that will help you manage your subscribers efficiently.

Update agreements on-demand

Our latest feature release lets you generate updated customer agreements on-demand to complement the existing automated agreement renewals.

When making changes to a subscription that impact the pricing (e.g. new subscription add ons or upgrading subscription plans), Loopit will always generate a new subscription agreement for your customer. However, other minor changes such as updates to customer contact details will not trigger a new agreement to be created.

With this latest update, now you can simply click “Regenerate Agreement” and a new version of the agreement will be created. This new feature is available in the Contracts section of a Subscription under the Documents tab.

Please note that once a new agreement has been generated, the subscriber must sign the new document to make it binding. Once the new agreement has been created, ensure that you notify the subscriber to sign the agreement by clicking on "Email Contract to Sign" from the Actions Menu.

Write-off outstanding invoices

For unpaid or unnecessary invoices, you now have the ability to Write-Off Invoice documents within Loopit.

By writing off invoices, you are voiding the value of any unpaid and/or overdue invoice. This action is often applied in one of two situations: 

  1. When an invoice is generated unnecessarily, such as on the day of return
  2. When you are unable to recover any arrears from a customer

Loopit will then create a credit memo for the value of the invoice labelled "write-off".

Delete incorrect documents  

You now have the ability to manually delete documents that may have been uploaded to a subscription in error.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know at or via the Feedback tool on the platform!

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