Loopit to encourage electric vehicle adoption across its network

June 23, 2021

Loopit is committed to achieving a greener, more renewable future for mobility. By encouraging the adoption of flexible car ownership alternatives like subscription, we are improving access and affordability of electric vehicle technologies.

To help create a more sustainable transport future - by increasing the number of electric vehicles utilised through the our provider network - Loopit has pledged to halve our service fee for all existing and new drivers of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) utilised on subscription, rideshare, rental and fleet across our network.

From July 1 2021 to December 31 2021, any BEV will attract half the service fee that a Loopit client would normally pay on transactions for that vehicle. It is our hope that this simple gesture will encourage greater investment into electric vehicle fleets within our provider network, and for Uber rideshare providers in particular, they will be able to take advantage of the savings from both Loopit and Uber.

A study commissioned by Loopit revealed an intrinsic link between the uptake of electric vehicles and the proliferation of car subscription. It showed that 73% of future EV adopters would choose subscription as their preferred means of ownership, with the vast majority supporting the notion that subscription models would help to make electric vehicles more accessible.

We firmly believe mobility services technology will go hand-in-hand with electric vehicle availability and infrastructure to support the adoption of low-emissions vehicles across the country. As leaders in mobility services technology, we are proud to support this initiative through this pledge and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

More information for new and existing providers

This reduction in service fee will be applied as an adjustment to the monthly earnings. The service fee is the transaction fee shown in the Loopit Subscription Services Agreement only.

A BEV is defined as any vehicle that uses a battery and electric motors as its primary means of propulsion. This program includes models such as the Tesla Model 3, Audi e-Tron and MG ZS EV. This program excludes EREV, PHEV and HEV models.

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