Enhanced control and efficiency: new booking functionality, customer approval and more

June 26, 2023

At Loopit, our continuous pursuit of refinement and optimisation has resulted in a new suite of enhancements to our car subscription software platform. We are pleased to introduce these upgrades, which aim to provide increased flexibility, streamline operational efficiency, and improve overall user engagement. Let us explore these features in detail.

Scheduling Control with Set Booking Days

Managing the logistics of subscription pick-ups is a crucial aspect of maintaining an efficient operational workflow. To assist with this, we are introducing the "Set Booking Days" feature. This functionality allows you to specify particular days of the week on which subscription pick-ups can occur. This customisation enables a more meticulous allocation of resources and offers you the power to manage your business according to your specific operational requirements.

To access this update, simply configure your Branch Settings and set the available days for your business. Once saved, the settings will reflect in the subscription booking process for your customers.

Streamlined Screening with Customer Approval Status

Our new "Customer Approval Status" feature provides an enhanced way to manage your internal screening procedures. This feature offers the option to mark subscribers as Approved, Pending, or Rejected. This straightforward status system not only allows for an organised representation of potential subscribers but also aids in enhancing your customer relationship management through more efficient screening processes.

To update the screening status, navigate to the Customer tab and make the necessary updates for the customer.

Efficiency with Bulk Subscription Creation and Activation

We understand that onboarding a large fleet can be a complex process. Our "Bulk Subscription Creation and Activation" feature is specifically designed to alleviate this complexity. This tool permits the simultaneous creation and activation of multiple subscriptions, significantly reducing the time required for this process and simplifying the onboarding of new customers. This feature relies on programmatic scripts which will be executed by our team, so if you are interested in migrating your fleet to Loopit or are looking to onboard large business customers; feel free to reach out to your dedicated customer success manager to get started.

Personalized Engagement with Customisable CTA on Sign Up Widget

We are also introducing enhanced customization for our sign-up widget. This upgrade allows you to modify the Call to Action (CTA) copy situated in the top right corner of the Loopit sign-up widget. The flexibility extends beyond altering the text, giving you control over the type of action that is initiated upon clicking the CTA – whether it is launching a phone dialer, email client, or SMS client. Given that 75% of users interact with the widget via mobile, this feature presents an improved opportunity for effective customer engagement.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know at support@loopit.co or via the Feedback tool on the platform!

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