Introducing bulk upload for streamlined toll charges

March 22, 2023

Loopit is thrilled to announce that we have released the ability to bulk upload toll charges. A popular request, this new feature will enable users to significantly reduce the time and administrative effort required with manually uploading individual toll charges for each subscription. To get started:

  1. Head to Subscriptions and click into the Charges tab.
  2. Hit 'Upload Toll Charges' via the button on the right.
  3. Download the CSV template that Loopit has built and open the file once downloaded.

Filling out the CSV template

Loopit has built a CSV template where you'll need to map the appropriate fields accordingly:

  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Registration Number
  • Stock Number
  • Charge Time
  • Trip ID
  • Charge Amount
  • Description

The first three columns reflect vehicle registration details while the last four columns reflect toll details.

Once you have uploaded your CSV template into an appropriate program such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Generally, most toll providers will identify the toll user and charges with the number plate (registration number) so in most cases you'll only need to fill in this field. This means that you do not have to fill in all of Columns A, B and C. You will only need to fill in one of the three columns in order for Loopit to identify the vehicle that will incur the toll charges.

For Charge Time, Trip ID, Charge Amount and Description; you will need to refer to the information from the toll provider.

Once fields are completed correctly, save the file as a CSV file.

Uploading the CSV template into Loopit

You can now upload your CSV file and map the fields accordingly, as seen below.

Once done, click next and Loopit will conduct a check to ensure all fields are in the correct format.

If there is an error, Loopit will flag the error in red and you can amend directly in the table. Once completed, you can now finalise the upload.

Charges List

The upload will now appear in the Charges List with either two statuses marked against the upload: 

  • Pending Verification
  • Import Completed

There will be sections within each upload:

  • Charges to be applied - Loopit has successfully identified these toll charges and have accordingly matched it with the correct vehicle. Here, you can click into either the vehicle, customer and subscription to double check the toll charge. You can also choose to skip particular toll charges by checking the box in the 'Skip' column.
  • Failed charges - Loopit has identified any errors during the upload which we will flag to you. Examples of errors can include duplicate entries, inability to find the subscription or a double up in subscription under one vehicle.

Once you are satisfied with your upload, you can now click 'Process' and click confirm - this can take around 3 to 5 minutes to successfully process depending on the number of records.

The status will change automatically once the import is complete.

Confirming toll charges on subscription

You can double check to see if the toll charges have been applied correctly by searching the respective subscription.

Here, toll charges will appear under the 'Charges' tab and will be processed in the subscriber's next invoice.

As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let us know at or via the Feedback tool on the platform.

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