Integrated Credit Checks

Know your customers with real time credit checks

With Loopit, credit checks are performed in real time during the booking process so you can make reliable decisions about each new customer.

Knowing your customer is at our core

Credit checks safeproof your business by ensuring you are targeting the right customers. With real time assessment, Loopit performs credit checks instantly and automates security deposit amounts based on the risk profile. Loopit's team of experts can also advise you on best practice fraud prevention guidelines for additional peace of mind both online and offline.

Provide a self-serve portal along with on-demand support

Don't let KYC become the bottleneck for your business. Loopit offers a seamless self-onboarding experience for your customers including credit checks, identity verification and fraud detection easily and in realtime without the need to upload any documentation to speed up your signup flow and convert more subscribers.

Frequently asked questions

Which credit bureau does Loopit use for credit reports?

Loopit has partnered with Experian, the world's leading credit bureau, in the UK, Australia and New Zealand to deliver robust credit reporting in real time.

Will the Loopit credit enquiry be reflected on a customer's credit report?

Yes, a credit enquiry will appear on customer credit reports for all booking applications that have successfully proceeded past the credit check and identity verification stage. Consent to perform a credit check must be obtained before the credit report can be accessed, and Loopit has taken measure to help support compliance in this area.

Can a subscriber skip a credit check?

No, credit checks cannot be skipped by the end subscriber if this feature is enabled for your Loopit account. You can disable the requirement of a credit check if you choose, however this is not recommended. Your staff may also choose to skip the credit check on a case-by-case basis if allowed by their account permissions.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

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