Customer Self-Service Features

Customer facing self-service features to reduce your admin time

Loopit's self-service feature helps you save admin time from contacting subscribers so you can focus on converting more subscription bookings.

Provide customers the ability to self-manage payments

Loopit provides your subscribers with the ability to easily update their payment methods securely online and pay invoices manually when required in a PCI compliant manner, removing the need for you or your team to chase down missed payments.

Send email reminders with a click of a button

Let Loopit handle the stress of chasing down customers for their missing payments. Our platform lets you automatically send email reminders to subscribers about overdue invoices, all with the click of a button. Save the manual time and effort and focus on doing more of what you do best!

Frequently asked questions

Do customers need to log in to use self-service features?

No, Loopit's self-service features utilise secure one-time links that allow your customers to perform functions such as viewing an invoice, making a payment and updating their payment details.

Are payments PCI compliant?

Yes, all payments and payment method updates via Loopit are secure and PCI compliant with bank-like levels of encryption.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

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Loopit is the technology between car subscription and your fleet potential.