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Offer your customers subscription-based car ownership models

With car dealerships and OEM manufacturers already offering subscription services, respond to the emerging demand for vehicle subscription and make your brand more accessible to consumers while providing a new recurring revenue stream for your dealership network.

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Loopit is car subscription on your own terms.

Want to give your customers the choice of a flexible car ownership alternative—without sending them away to a third-party website? Now you can.

Loopit offers your automotive brand the tools, software and expertise to drive car subscription across your dealership network with ongoing training and support provided.

Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer or a third-party dealership, car subscription will likely form an important part of your business operations over the coming years.

Build a recurring revenue stream

Keep customers in your dealership

Define your own plans and pricing

Customise Loopit to suit your needs

Brand Loyalty Is Built On Great Experiences

Attract new customers to your brand

Reach a new generation of motorists who no longer prioritise car ownership, with a product that meets modern expectations for flexibility and convenience. Offer an alternative path to purchase with car subscription by allowing your customers to experience the car ownership experience with your brand before buying.

With many leading OEM manufacturers already moving into the car subscription market, now is the time to gear up for this expanding sector. 

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The technology driving the car subscription movement

Loopit is the leading technology platform for car subscription service providers in Australia and around the world.

We are at the forefront of the vehicle subscription market, providing OEM manufacturers with a software platform that enables them to offer a full range of subscription services to their customers. Our software is behind some of the biggest names in the automobile industry and could help your company to move into the subscription market too.
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Dealer Parent Account Hierarchy

A streamlined customer brand experience

Loopit offers an OEM and dealer account structure, providing you with a holistic go-to-market approach for consumers, while maintaining a tailored and independent in-showroom experience for each of your dealerships.

Our platform accommodates the unique requirements of OEM manufacturers in Australia and across the globe

Professional Services

The expertise to help you grow.

Loopit is the world's most advanced car subscription software platform. We have helped grow some of the largest car subscription providers, and can provide your business with the expertise, strategy and support to help you succeed.

Thanks to our vast experience in the car subscription market, we are able to help OEM manufacturers expand into this area quickly and easily. From user adoption to after-sales support and maintenance services, we will always be there to assist you whenever you need us.

Professional and personalised onboarding process

Dedicated integration specialist and account management

Pricing recommendations, financial tools and calculators

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Get Started In Weeks, Not Months

Built around your brand.

Loopit easily integrates with most dealership websites using our simple customer-facing booking form. A few lines of code are all that's needed to offer customers a personalised online subscription booking process that is specific to your brand.

Go beyond the dealership with custom integration options available to connect your Loopit platform with your CRM, accounting software and more.

Our platform can be integrated with almost any type of legacy system with ease, simplifying the deployment process and minimising any teething problems that may be experienced by OEM manufacturers. It is the most advanced system available today.

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Robust digital KYC and fraud prevention for mobility services

Only Loopit offers TruPass, the full product suite of KYC and fraud prevention products that help you onboard and authenticate new subscribers digitally and in real-time.

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Electric Vehicle Subscription

Lead the charge toward electrified fleets

Provide your clients with a low-risk opportunity to experience electrified fleets without the long-term commitment.

Help clients to understand if EVs are suitable for their fleet requirements

Allow clients to understand the infrastructure requirements of an EV fleet

Provide clients with multiple EV models to assess which is right for them

Tesla Car Subscription