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Boost car dealership profitability with new mobility solutions

Boost the profitability of your new and used car dealership with a new recurring revenue channel that capitalises on existing inventory and internal expertise.

Trusted globally to manage over 27,000 vehicles on subscription

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Loopit is car subscription on your own terms

Want to give your customers the choice of a flexible car ownership alternative—without sending them away to a third-party website? Now you can.

Loopit offers new and used car dealerships the tools, software and expertise to manage your own car subscription service in-house with ongoing training and support provided.

Rather than partnering with another service provider, offering your own car subscription service ensures that maximum profits are retained for your own assets. With our customisable software platform, you can make your own strategic decisions on how to deliver and manage your subscription services.

Build a recurring revenue stream

Keep customers in your dealership

Define your own plans and pricing

Customise Loopit to suit your needs

Unlock the Power of Recurring Revenue

Maximise the value of every customer

Now more than ever, consistent and repeatable revenue is essential to your business performance and resilience. Offset sales fluctuations and alleviate margin pressure with a new recurring revenue source for your business.

Car subscription complements sales and finance in your dealership by offering customers an alternate path to purchase and expanding your customer opportunity.

Innovation in the owenership experience

Lead the charge toward EV adoption

Did you know, 73% of EV adopters would prefer to drive on subscription? Lead the charge toward EV adoption by offering a subscription-based ownership alternative that meets the needs of EV adopters. This model is ideal for energy and EV infrastructure providers to accelerate the uptake of future EV technology such as smart home energy solutions.

With many drivers keen yet reluctant to try an EV, the car subscription business model is ideal for new or used car dealerships to promote widespread adoption and bring new customers into the fold.

Loopit Does All The Hard Work

Subscription, simplified.

Loopit lets you focus on your customers, and we take care of the rest. Invest in growing your subscription service with the confidence that you're backed by the world's most advanced car subscription solution.

Our subscription management system minimises the amount of administrative work generated by your new service.

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Real-time online customer assessment process helps you make the right decisions, fast.

Automated recurring invoicing, usage billing and payment management lets you operate efficiently.

World-class security and encryption with secure credit and direct debit payments that are PCI compliant.

If a payment becomes overdue, Loopit automatically follows up with the customer, meaning less hassle for you.

Automated subscription agreement generation with secure digital sign functionality.

Take full control over every deal with flexible subscription management options.

A fully-customisable platform experience means no two Loopit subscription providers are the same.

Make it your own with custom branding options available.

Keep Customers In Your Dealership

Turn subscribers into lifelong customers.

Loopit gives you a complete overview of every subscriber and every payment, empowering you to unlock the power of recurring revenue and build relationships that deliver a lifetime of value. With complete control over your subscription program, learn what makes your customers tick and keep them happily subscribed for longer.

Our in-depth analysis of customer behaviour makes it much easier for new and used car dealerships to identify new opportunities, streamline existing services to maximise future revenue and encourage customer loyalty.

Professional Services

The expertise to help you grow.

Loopit is the world's most advanced car subscription software platform. We have helped grow some of the largest car subscription providers in Australia, and can provide your business with the expertise, strategy and support to help you succeed.

Professional and personalised onboarding process

Dedicated integration specialist and account management

Pricing recommendations, financial tools and calculators

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Get Started In Weeks, Not Months

Built around your business.

Loopit easily integrates with most dealership websites using our simple customer-facing booking form. A few lines of code are all that's needed to offer customers a personalised online subscription booking process that is specific to your business.

Our custom integration options allow new and used car dealerships to easily integrate the Loopit platform with their CRM, accounting software and more.

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