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Streamline fleet management with an on-demand solution

Loopit offers subscription-based fleet management solutions that allow you to scale your business based on demand and offer a flexible alternative to long-term vehicle leasing arrangements.

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Loopit is the end-to-end solution for fleet management

Loopit offers you the tools, software and expertise to manage a subscription fleet in-house with ongoing training and support provided Australia-wide.

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The new alternative to a car allowance

Reward your employees

Loopit for fleet management offers all the benefits of owning or leasing vehicles, without the long-term commitment. Reward your employees without the long-term costs of a leasing dragging you down. Scale your fleet size up or down depending on your needs, and swap your staff to a vehicle that best meets their job requirements.

Innovation in the owenership experience

Lead the charge toward EV adoption

Did you know, 73% of EV adopters would prefer to drive on subscription? Lead the charge toward EV adoption by offering a subscription-based ownership alternative that meets the needs of EV adopters. This model is ideal for energy and EV infrastructure providers to accelerate the uptake of future EV technology such as smart home energy solutions.

Fleet Operations

"As a business, we aim to be at the cusp of industry innovations and our partnership with Blinker is just another example of this. The car market is currently experiencing a disruptive period, we see car subscription as an opportunity to innovate and cater to shifting consumer demands, helping the industry to thrive into the future."

Netflix-style subscription service to lure Millennial car drivers

A Netflix-style subscription service that allows Millennial car buyers to obtain a new set of wheels for just 30 days before handing the vehicle back for a different one is being trumpeted as a potential salvation for car dealers facing tough times.

"Our dealers have seen a growing organic demand for subscription services over the last 12 months, and with Blinker we’ve been able to structure the offering exactly to suit our customers’ needs. The out-of-the-box software has made it simple for even our large dealerships to get the subscription program up and running, so we can provide local drivers with a totally unique, tailored offering."

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