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Expand your fleet opportunity with car subscription

Loopit empowers fleet leasing and novated lease providers to offer their clients a flexible addition to traditional leasing options. Introduce a hybrid leasing and subscription model to meet the demands of modern customers.

Trusted globally to manage over 27,000 vehicles on subscription

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Increase the lifecycle opportunity for each vehicle in your fleet with subscription

Car subscription is a logical extension of the asset lifecycle for fleet leasing and novated lease providers. Extend the monetisation opportunity and increase vehicle utilisation while offering your clients a flexible solution that provides an exceptional customer experience.

Loopit Fleet Leasing


Continue to offer long-term leasing and novated solutions to your clients with a fixed term of three to five years. Utilise this product to generate appropriate used fleet inventory for your subscription service.

Loopit Fleet Subscription


Utilise ex-fleet leasing vehicles on flexible terms with car subscription to extend the useful asset lifecycle of your fleet and earn additional revenue per asset. Subscribers are less sensitive to vehicle age and condition making this an ideal solution.

Loopit Fleet Disposal


The flexible nature of car subscription affords you the opportunity to dispose of vehicles when market conditions are ideal. This alleviates disposal pressures and reduces artificial oversupply in the market.

Car Subscription Benefits for your clients

Provide your clients with more agile fleet solutions

Implementing a hybrid leasing and subscription model into your fleet product mix will allow you to meet the emerging demand for more flexible mobility solutions.

Flexible commitment

With no lock-in or long-term commitment, your clients will enjoy the flexibility offered by car subscription.

Improved fleet utilisation

Allow your clients to easily scale their fleet size in line with the growth and immediate requirements.

Employee benefits

Provide your clients with the added benefits of car subscription for their employees such as vehicle swaps.

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Robust digital KYC and fraud prevention

Only Loopit offers TruPass, a product suite of KYC and fraud prevention products tailored specifically for modern mobility services that help you onboard and authenticate new customers in real-time and at scale.

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Electric Vehicle Subscription

Lead the charge toward electrified fleets

Provide your clients with a low-risk opportunity to experience electrified fleets without the long-term commitment.

Help clients to understand if EVs are suitable for their fleet requirements

Allow clients to understand the infrastructure requirements of an EV fleet

Provide clients with multiple EV models to assess which is right for them

Tesla Car Subscription

Big Or Small, Loopit grows with your ambitions

Loopit is the technology between car subscription and your fleet potential.