Toll Charge Management

Manage toll usage and payments for your fleet at scale

Manage your fleet toll usage and charge for usage with Loopit. Our vehicle inventory timeline makes it easy to understand where toll fees are to be applied at a glance.

Manage your toll charges all in the one platform

Don't toll charges slip away and affect your subscription revenue. Our platform makes it easy for you to quickly create and process toll charges as well as other admin charges such as processing and number plate recognition fees. These charges appear automatically in the subscriber's next invoice so you can focus your time on converting more subscription bookings.

A single source of truth for your toll charges

Processing the right toll charges to the right subscriber can be a tricky process. However, Loopit provides a history timeline with detailed notes on toll charges to ensure you are charging toll fees to the right customer.

Bulk uploads to streamline your toll charges

Avoid the manual effort of submitting individual toll charges and instead upload bulk toll charges that charges multiple subscriptions all at once. All possible with Loopit's CSV template.

Just upload your CSV and Loopit will automatically find the respective subscriber based on the date and registration of the toll. You will be able to verify the subscriptions and charges before submitting for Loopit to bulk create the charges.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change the processing fee on toll charges?

Yes, you can. Loopit gives you full control over the processing fees charged to a subscriber.

How are toll charges paid by the subscriber?

All toll charges will be processed on your subscriber's next scheduled billing cycle to help avoid any unexpected surprises or bill shock.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

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