Process Subscription Refunds

Manage your payments and refunds all in one place

Easily process customer refunds on platform with robust payment reconciliation features.

Take the accounting complexity out of managing refunds

Reduce the legwork and overheads for your accounting team by closing the loop on customer accounts and payments. Loopit lets you manage your refunds all on the platform so you can record and process refunds directly to your customer without the interference from any external gateways.

Keep a money trail on all your refunds

Loopit makes it easier to stay on on top of all your refunds. By processing your refunds on our platform, a money trail is created - allowing you to obtain a record of all your refunds that are processed respective to the subscriber.

Frequently asked questions

Am I able to issue a credit memo instead of a refund?

Loopit allows you to either manually or automatically send a credit memo to your customers, for things such as goodwill. Loopit will also display a record of all credit memos to help your team stay on the same page.

Can I refund a security deposit?

Loopit allows you to refund security deposits on platform either partially or in full. The refunds will be processed and returned against the original payment method. Refunds will take 5-10+ business days to appear in the subscriber's account.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

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