Customisable Subscription Plans

Customise every aspect of your car subscription service

No two subscription programs are the same. Configure and customise every aspect of your subscription plans from pricing to minimum terms and more.

Create any number of unique subscription plans, because no two subscription providers are the same

Loopit allows you to create up to three unique subscription plans that will be displayed to your customers during the subscription application and booking process, however we also allow you to create any number of 'hidden' subscription plans that can only be accessed by your team for scenarios such as:

  • Staff and family plans Create a plan that can be used by your staff and their family at a discounted rate
  • Business subscription plans Introduce unique business plans to support enterprise customers, or even create unique plans on a per-business basis
  • Special promotions Create unique subscription plans as part of your marketing promotional strategy
  • Personalised plans Create plans specific to a single customer if required

Powerful control over your subscription plan structure

No two Loopit providers are the same, so we give you full control over every aspect of your subscription plan configuration and pricing, including:

  • Pricing
  • Minimum term
  • Establishment fee
  • Distance allowance
  • Usage fee rates
  • Swap terms
  • Security deposit

Customise your plans and pricing in line with your business goals

Pricing is at the core of any success car subscription service. Our customisable solution allows you to formulate your own subscription plans and pricing that best suits your business model, allow you to proactively change subscription plans and pricing in response to changing consumer demand and experiment different subscription plans and pricing to gauge customer behaviour.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I update an active subscription plan?

Loopit allows you to update any active subscription plan at any time without affecting your existing subscribers on those plans. Each iteration of a subscription plan is assigned a unique ID for efficient version control.

What is the difference between a primary and secondary (or hidden) plan?

A primary plan is selectable by your customers during the application and booking process, and up to three unique primary plans can be made available at any one time. A secondary (or hidden) plan can only be accessed by your team and there can be any number of secondary plans to support various internal scenarios.

What happens to active subscribers if their subscription plan is no longer available?

If you choose to retire a plan that is still being used by active subscribers, Loopit will simply grandfather the plan until such time that they change to a new plan or return their vehicle.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

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