Automated Usage Billing

Boost your revenue with automated usage-based billing and payments

Automatically charge subscribers based on their vehicle usage in accordance with their chose subscription plan with each billing cycle.

Let subscribers pay for what they use, all thanks to realtime vehicle telematics

Get the most out of your subscribed vehicles by allowing your subscribers to pay for what they use. Loopit makes tracking vehicle usage a seamless process thanks to our integrated vehicle telematics. Our platform lets you:

  • Gain realtime live vehicle data to quickly identify vehicle usage
  • Streamline your billing processes by creating new usage charges via Loopit
  • Process usage overages without having to manually reach out to subscribers

Win your subscriber's trust with transparent invoices

Keep your subscribers in the loop and offer them full transparency on their usage behaviour. With Loopit, line breakdowns on vehicle usage are automatically included in invoices, so subscribers can identify what and how much they were charged for. Help your subscribers modify their subscription such as adding kilometre boosters or changing their plans according to their usage patterns.

Frequently asked questions

How is usage billing tracked and calculated?

Loopit uses telemetry data from the provided OBD telematics devices to calculate subscriber vehicle usage for each billing cycle. Only telematics devices approved by Loopit can be used to determine usage charges.

Can I change the distance allowance for my subscribers?

Yes, usage billing is based on the subscription plan parameters set by you as they apply to your subscribers.

Can I change the rate at which usage charges are incurred?

Yes, you have full control over the usage fees charged to a subscriber based on their distance allowance.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

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