Automated Invoice Generation

Automated recurring invoicing and billing for the mobility sector

Automate invoice generation, recurring payment collection and reconciliation with payment gateways to ensure that funds collected are done so in a timely, predictable manner and in a PCI compliant manner.

Generate and manage invoices on autopilot

Streamlining your car subscription management starts with an efficient invoicing process. Loopit helps you achieve efficiencies with our automated invoice management. Our platform lets you:

  • automate invoice generations at scale for your subscribers
  • automate the collection of recurring payments so you can monitor your incoming revenue and forecast accordingly
  • reconcile with payment gateways to ensure that funds collected are done so in a timely, predictable manner and in a PCI compliant manner

Invoice functionalities that make your accounting team happy

Keep your accounting team on the same page with our invoices that are built to be accounting-friendly. Loopit offers flexible invoice functionality such as:

  • voiding overdue invoices
  • applying credit memos to accurately reflect amounts owed to your subscribers. This includes adding customer credit manually or ending a subscription to generate a pro-rata credit for the last invoice

Frequently asked questions

What happens when a subscriber fails or forgets to pay their invoice?

Thanks to our automated email triggers, your subscribers will be reminded of any missing or failed payments whilst also allowing them to update their payment methods.

Can I apply my branding to my invoices?

Our white label solution allows you to incorporate your logo and brand colours into your invoices so that you can position your brand as a car subscription service.

Recurring BIlling & Payments

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