Car Rental Software

Car rental software for modern mobility providers

Loopit provides an all-in-one solution to manage your growing car rental business with ease. Whether you're just starting out or are looking to scale, Loopit has the tools to help you succeed.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet chaos and legacy systems. Harness the power of Loopit to optimize fleet utilization, boost profits, and focus on your core business.

Trusted globally to manage 50,000+ vehicles on subscription
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Unlock the Power of Next-Gen Car Rental Solutions

Is your current software hindering your growth? Recognizing the unique challenges faced by car rental providers, our solution isn't just an upgrade; it's a strategic shift designed to propel your business beyond traditional limitations.

Traditional Car Rental Systems

Struggling with legacy car rental systems? Manual bottlenecks, outdated interfaces, and a failure to meet modern consumer expectations are jeopardizing your business growth. It's not just outdated; it's a roadblock to success.

Next-Gen Car Rental Platform

Step into the future with our next-gen car rental platform. No more manual headaches—automation, intuitive interfaces, and real-time insights redefine efficiency. Leave legacy constraints behind, and embrace a future where your business thrives.

Deliver the Car Rental Experience Modern Customers Expect

Loopit is the next-gen car rental solution designed to propel your business beyond traditional limitations. We recognize the unique challenges faced by car rental providers. That's why Loopit isn't just an upgrade - it's a completely reimagined platform built specifically for your needs.

100% Paperless Car Rental Booking

Eradicate paperwork and win time with our state-of-the-art, frictionless onboarding. Keep clients smiling from the start.

Next-Level Omnichannel Booking

Embrace diverse channels through our seamless booking system, unlocking peak fleet utilization and revenue generation.

Adaptive Fleet Pricing

Ride market waves with fully customizable pricing, ensuring resilience, profit maximization, and a competitive edge.

Precision Billing & Invoicing

Streamline finances with pinpoint accuracy and simplicity from our system, creating smooth experiences for all.

Get Your Keys to Success with Loopit

We helped pioneer car subscription software for industry leaders, and we're leveraging this knowledge to disrupt traditional car rental software with a solution that's built for the 21st century.

Streamline operations with a unified management system

No more juggling various tools and platforms. Loopit brings everything together with a unified management system, making everything from booking to billing smooth and straightforward.

Maximize fleet usage and improve asset turnover

Get the most out of your assets. Loopit's intelligent technology boosts asset turnover by optimizing fleet usage to meet demand, eliminating unprofitable idle time.

Gain real-time visibility into performance

Stay in the know. With Loopit, you have real-time insights into your business performance, giving you the power to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and data

Loopit plays well with others. You can easily integrate with your existing tools and data, ensuring smooth transition and no interruption to your operations.

Don't settle for incremental improvements that still leave you stuck managing rental chaos. Loopit provides the strategic shift your business needs to break free of legacy limitations and accelerate growth.