Plug-and-play integration solutions for your car subscription business

With Loopit at the centre of your car subscription service, you can be confident that you are building an offering that scales. Easily connect Loopit with your existing business, suppliers and website with our plug-and-play integration options.

White Label Car Subscription Booking Form

Seamless self-service digital onboarding for your car subscription customers

Deliver a seamless omnichannel booking experience for new subscribers with a range of while label digital subscription booking options to suit your business needs.

End-to-end self-service car subscription booking form

Generate new car subscription customers at scale with end-to-end self-service online checkout through your own website with a dynamic booking form that will display your specific vehicle inventory, subscription plan and pricing.

  • Generate new car subscription customers without manual intervention with an end-to-end online process that captures everything from customer details to payments

  • 1:1 online booking for specific vehicles in your subscription fleet that automatically syncs with your Loopit account

  • Allow your customers to generate a subscription plan that suits them with upsell opportunities built in

  • Implement your own rules such as pick-up time slots, delivery windows and delivery pricing for a booking experience that is truly your own

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Loopit Vehicle Detail Page

Digital self-assessment for car subscription leads, powered by TruPass

The Loopit Eligibility Assessment Form allows potential subscribers to ensure they meet the minimum eligibility and serviceability requirements for your car subscription program.

  • Allow potential subscribers to perform digital self-assessment for credit checks, identity verification and eligibility before reaching your customer service team

  • Assess potential subscribers at scale to generate sales qualified leads for your business without manual intervention or payment

  • Customise your risk and eligibility to dial in the perfect customer profile for your business


Explore our suite of simple yet powerful point-of-sale integration tools that work on any website

Implement robust digital point of sale car subscription management solutions on your existing website in only a few clicks

A single source of truth for your subscription vehicle inventory.

Integrate with your existing vehicle inventory system, or let Loopit become your source of truth with flexible inventory API solutions

  • Manage your subscription fleet inventory directly in Loopit and make this data available to your public-facing website via API

  • Add your vehicle inventory to Loopit individually, with bulk upload, via API or integrate directly with your DMS through select industry partners

  • Vehicle specification data and VIN decoding is directly enabled through Loopit in available markets

  • Vehicle API tags allow you to add customer parameters to your vehicle inventory feed to deliver more advanced integration options

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Loopit Car Subscription Vehicle Listing

Capture online leads with a contact form that syncs directly with Loopit

Loopit delivers a strong call-to-action to generate new subscription leads for your business that sync directly with Loopit.

  • Implement a general contact form that sends enquiries directly to your Loopit account or integrate with your own CRM

  • Add a contact form that is independent of your vehicle inventory so you never miss a lead

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Showcase available subscription plans on your website that update in real time

Clearly demonstrate your subscription offering by embedding a plan showcase on your website that is always up-to-date

  • Configure your subscription plans on Loopit and showcase active plans on your website

  • Make changes to your active plans from Loopit with no additional engineering effort to reflect these updates on your website for your customers


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Loopit Vehicle Detail Page

Embed a dynamic booking form on any vehicle detail page for self-service online bookings

The Loopit VDP booking form is smart enough to know which vehicle detail page (VDP) it has been installed on, allowing your customers to subscribe online to any available vehicle

  • Provide basic vehicle details such as VIN or stock number and Loopit is smart enough to generate a dynamic booking form on each individual VDP to allow customer self-service

  • Capture important lead information such as name, email and phone number as part of the subscription call to action on your VDP

  • Dynamically display important information such as the weekly price to your customers that keeps in sync with Loopit

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Loopit Vehicle Detail Page

Design your own customer onboarding experience with dynamic vehicle subscription links

Configure dynamic subscription links that can prefill information in the subscription booking form based on your own customer experience

  • Vehicle booking links can be assigned to individual buttons on your website to create your own bespoke customer experience

  • Implement an omnichannel booking experience by sending customer vehicle booking links via email or SMS for targeted nurturing and improved conversion

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Live vehicle monitoring and automated usage-based billing with robust vehicle telematics integrations

Keep your vehicles secure with OBD-based telematics integrations that monitor your fleet in real-time and invoice your subscribers automatically based on their weekly usage through Loopit.

  • OBD plug-and-play and hardwired telematics options available

  • Expand your recurring revenue opportunity with automated usage-based distance billing

  • Real-time vehicle monitoring with live location and telemetry data

OBD Installation

For a quick and simple installation, the telematics device can be installed directly into the vehicle OBD port.

OBD Installation with Y-Cable

For a more secure and discrete installation, Loopit recommends installing the OBD device with the supplied Y-cable.


Loopit Logo

We encourage you to incorporate Loopit branding on your website and marketing materials to highlight your participation and car subscription offering.

Full Colour

PNG fomat for web use only. Right-click and save as. For print-ready files, please contact your Loopit customer success manager. All print media needs prior approval from Loopit.


PNG fomat for web use only. Right-click and save as. For print-ready files, please contact your Loopit customer success manager. All print media needs prior approval from Loopit.

Loopit On Your Website

How It Works Banners

The How It Works banner is a simple way to both show that you off Loopit car subscription and explain in simple terms how car subscription works.

We recommend showing the How It Works banner on your website and as a lightbox for users to learn more.

Full Colour

PNG fomat for web use only. Right-click and save as.


PNG fomat for web use only. Right-click and save as.