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Discover how Loopit is transforming future mobility worldwide and meet the people who make it possible. Currently helping you from home.

Our Vision

To power subscriptions in the mobility space globally.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by being the trusted subscription platform and providing the tools for our customers to be successful.


We want to create a culture where everyone can grow with and succeed as part of the business. Our values are;







Our story (so far)

Taking the automotive industry digital

In late 2015, brothers Paul and Michael Higgins founded HelloCars as Australia's first online car dealership, allowing customers to buy and sell used cars online from the convenience of their home.

Identifying a shifting market

As a digital-first business, HelloCars was quick to identify the shift toward more flexible car ownership options. The company set about leveraging its award-winning digital capabilities and automotive knowledge to develop Australia's first car subscription service.

The growing demand for car subscription

HelloCars Subscription had become the countries fastest-growing car subscription program. Soon, other dealerships were reaching out to understand the software behind HelloCars that was driving the car subscription movement, and Blinker was born.

Launching a world-class SaaS product

The remarkable growth of car subscription as an alternative to traditional car ownership had exceeded even our grandest expectations, and in realising our global ambitions - Blinker was reborn as Loopit.

We're just getting started

Loopit is the preferred partner for some of the largest car dealership groups, car rental businesses and other mobility provides across Australia and New Zealand. We're hiring! Contact us to learn more about our current openings.


Market Value of Car Subscription by 2025


Subscription Vehicles in Australia by 2025


Avg. Weekly Revenue per Subscriber

Meet the Founders


Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins has extensive experience in the automotive industry, having previously held roles both with Subaru Australia in dealership management and strategy, and with Inchcape, the largest dealership group globally, in its retail business.

Prior to these roles, Michael worked in franchising at Mortgage Choice. He has a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney.

Recognising digital technology has the potential to change business for the better, Michael created a new model with elder brother Paul to fundamentally change the way used cars are bought and sold in Australia, focusing on a better customer experience, greater convenience and transparency.

When he’s not launching new businesses, Michael enjoys motorsports, racing cars himself as well as boating.

Paul Higgins

Paul Higgins has more than 10 years’ experience across in-house and agency talent acquisition roles where he managed small teams and focused on attracting, securing and developing talent for the banking and financial services industry.

Whilst at Commonwealth Bank, Paul managed recruitment activities across the entire Risk Management division including development and execution of international and domestic talent sourcing strategies across credit risk, operational risk and compliance functions for the retail, wealth management and institutional businesses.

Paul is passionate about continuous improvement and enhancing productivity through simplification of processes, use of automation and standard operating procedures.  Paul is inspired by innovation and disruption and applies this by analysing customer pain-points and mapping their journey to understand and develop solutions to better meet their needs.

Paul has a Bachelor of Business and Commerce and is a keen runner having completing a range of marathons, half marathons and triathlons.