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Car Subscription management Software

Launch a car subscription service that scales with your ambitions

Start offering car subscription to your customers under your own brand in just a few days. Power your own unique go-to-market strategy with an entirely configurable purpose-built solution.

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Trusted globally to manage over 27,000 vehicles on subscription

The world's most awarded car subscription management platform

Car Subscription Software

We build the technology powering car subscription solutions for the automotive industry

Loopit provides mobility software solutions for automakers, dealerships and new mobility providers. Our platform lets you focus on your customers, and we take care of the rest. Invest in growing your brand with the confidence that you're backed by the world's most advanced new mobility solution.

Enjoy a purpose-built, seamless mobility management solution with customer experience at its core.

  • With Loopit, you can offer your customers a fully comprehensive range of private transportation services that covers all of their needs, both now and in the future.

  • Whether you operate an existing fleet or are planning to launch a new mobility business, Loopit offers the complete solution—big or small.

  • Mobility solutions built by industry experts—we walk the talk.

  • Helping you to deliver a seamless customer experience from beginning to end that scales.

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Own the entire customer lifecycle with a mobility service that is uniquely yours.

  • A fully-customisable platform experience means no two Loopit providers are the same.

  • Configure your own plans, including custom upfront fees, minimum terms, distance allowances and more.

  • Take full control over every deal with flexible pricing options, or utilise Loopit's bespoke vehicle pricing algorithm to ensure consistent returns.

  • Make it your own with custom branding options available.

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Work with our experienced team to find the right technical solutions to help your brand grow.

We not only understand the needs of future mobility providers—we live it. As founders of one of the world's fastest-growing and most-awarded car subscription service, Loopit is built upon real-world knowledge and experience. Our proven track record and unique insights into the growing car subscription space mean we can not only provide the right technical solutions, but we can also help streamline your path to profitability.

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Car subscription is not just a service, it's an ecosystem.

Car subscription is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the private transportation and automotive industry. Providing drivers with the convenience and flexibility of short-term rental, but without the associated high costs, car subscription fills the gap between leasing and renting perfectly. Whether you are running a car dealership, an existing car subscription company or a rental service, you can use our car subscription platform to manage your entire fleet and maximise your profitability.

  • Introduce a recurring revenue model into your business that builds upon your existing expertise and customer relationships.

  • Unlock captive marketing opportunities during the subscription lifecycle to offer an alternative path to purchase.

  • Big or small, we've positioned Loopit to scale with your ambitions with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

  • Our team are your trusted partners in mobility transformation and have the experience to help you grow your business that goes deeper than our platform.

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Our Clients

Find out how our car subscription platform can take your business to the next level

Whether you are thinking of starting your own car subscription business, looking to build out your existing rental business or want to make the best use of your existing fleet, Loopit will help you unlock new markets, revenue streams and improve your entire customer experience.

Set up a 15 minute meeting with our experts today!

Car Manufacturers

Explore new market segment opportunities with an ownership experience that brings you closer to your customers.

New & Used Car Dealerships

Unlock a new recurring revenue stream that utilises your existing inventory and internal expertise.

Vehicle Rental

Transform your vehicle rental business with subscription technology built for today's customers.


Lead the charge toward future mobility by offering vehicles for rideshare rental use with providers such as Uber, Didi, Lyft and Ola.


Close the loop on green energy alternatives with new subscription-based electric vehicle programs.

Banking & Finance

Explore innovative fleet and finance alternatives with automotive partners with flexibility at its core.

Why Loopit?

Features and benefits

Want to give your customers the choice of a flexible vehicle ownership alternative—without sending them away to a third-party? Now you can. Loopit offers your business the tools, software and expertise to manage your own car subscription service in-house with ongoing training and support.

Enterprise-grade subscription payment technology and recurring billing solutions

Our car subscription platform includes built-in enterprise-grade subscription payment technology and recurring billing solutions to ensure on-time, secure payments.

  • Automated recurring invoicing, usage billing and payment management.

  • World-class security and encryption with secure credit and direct debit payments that are PCI compliant.

  • Robust payment recovery process with customer self-service features to securely update payment methods and make payments.

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Integrated subscription booking solutions that work on any platform and website

From onboarding new customers to browsing your unique existing vehicle inventory system and subscription bookings, integrate every process to feel like your brand the whole way through.

  • Easily onboard new customers online, over the phone or in person with our adaptable, collaborative and flexible onboarding process.

  • Embed customer-facing booking modules on your website for instant and seamless integration and enable self-service customer onboarding.

  • Integrate with your existing vehicle inventory system, or let Loopit become your source of truth with flexible API solutions.

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Loopit Vehicle Detail Page

Knowing your customer is at our core with robust, real-time customer assessment

Keeping your customers satisfied and their data secure is at the very core of our car subscription software model. 

  • Customer credit assessment, identity verification and fraud detection seamlessly integrated into the customer onboarding experience.

  • Maintain control of your customer data—so it's safer and more secure.

  • Define your own appetite for risk with customisable eligibility criteria.

  • Expert consultation from our experienced team to ensure you and your team are setup for success.

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Loopit Customer Assessment Interface

Ensure optimum fleet utilisation and ongoing vehicle management

Enjoy a new recurring revenue business model that capitalises on your existing operational proficiencies by ensuring optimum fleet utilisation and ongoing vehicle management.

  • Monetise idle inventory with a new recurring revenue business model that capitalises on your existing operational proficiences.

  • Integrated vehicle telematics provides security and live vehicle data.

  • Subscription vehicle damage cover available directly through the Loopit platform. (Australia and UK clients only. Cars only.)

  • Suitable for any type of vehicle including cars, motorbikes, scooters, caravans, motor homes, ebikes and more.

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Loopit Car Subscription Vehicle Listing

Keep your finger on the pulse of every business metric with robust reporting and analytics.

  • Ensure profitability and scalability of your car subscription platform with robust business metrics and reports at your fingertips.

  • View comprehensive reports within Loopit for payments, revenue, subscribers, inventory and more.

  • Account hierarchy allows you to manage multiple brands and locations with robust layered reporting

  • Easily export any datapoint to analyse outside of Loopit

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Loopit Mobility Insights

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Big Or Small, Loopit grows with your ambitions

Loopit is the technology between car subscription and your fleet potential.